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Address lookup can be used after address checking, when an address fails to get a ZIP4 code, and you would like to use available information in the USPS ZIP4 table to try and correct the address. Important: this feature is intended to help you resolve addressing errors and perform address corrections.
To illustrate: if a ZIP4 table indicates the address range 25 MAIN ST through 100 MAIN is assigned a specific ZIP4 code, it does NOT mean that these 2 addresses (25 and 100 MAIN), or any other addresses within the range, actually exist.

Scanning the addresses on Waverly Ave, we can see that 1106 fits between the FROM - TO sequence for ZIP4 1114, and it's an even number (the OEB column contains E, meaning even numbers; o means odd numbers and B is for both), so this address is considered matched to this ZIP4 record and the ZIP is assigned to the address.
The Small Business Support Center (SBSC) is available for small business custom­ers who are generally too small to receive Sales group or Business Service Network support. It cannot be used to learn addresses for the purpose of building or "fleshing out" mailing lists (by adding previously unknown addresses in an area).

Worse, attempts to do so will result in invalid addresses because the USPS provided ZIP4 tables use address ranges, not actual street addresses, to assign ZIP4 codes, thus this information can only be used for the purpose intended.

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