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If you’re talking about the LDS Scriptures App (the one with the Gold Plates), you just re-highlight them to get rid of the highlight. Regardless, Legere went on to announce a new competitive offering which will be launching later this month to give a family of four a total of ten gigabytes of high-speed LTE data (2.5GB each) in exchange for a cool hundred bucks per month.
As a bonus, T-Mobile’s family plan comes with the usual Uncarrier perks such as unlimited talk, text, free international data and unlimited music streaming.
AT&T’s “Best-Ever Pricing” four lines for $160 vs four lines for $100 with T-Mobile—with unlimited talk, text, and data plus up to 10 GB of LTE data on our data-strong network.
Currently, customers who want to upgrade their phones more frequently by taking advantage of these early upgrade programs have to deal directly with their carrier.
Apple’s brick-and-mortar and online stores in the United States offer customers the choice between purchasing the device with a new two-year contract at subsidized pricing, or buying an iPhone unlocked at full price.
Now the Tmobile has remind me… just like the Nokia 8290, the first sim card phone in US. I love how T-Mobile is disrupting the system, which is forcing other carriers to change, which makes us happy. But if you buy your own device, you are spending $650 instead of $200, and that’s a $400 difference, now, reinject that into 2 years monthly, we are back to $20 dollars a month. Regardless, point of this conversation was that T-Mobile’s offering is great savings for those who bring their own device. Right, ’cause the majority buy new phones every year, the majority get screwed up by this plan. What I’m explaining is that most carriers subsidize phones by about $400 over the period of 2 years, assuming that customers will upgrade their devices approximately every 2 years. OnePlus is a very small company for now so they can’t keep up with the demand that a carrier would have if they contracted with them. Do prepaid carriers offer the ulimited-everything (including Data) plans for those who bring their own phone?

Bottom line is, hate them or not, T-Mobile is offering a great service that I would really love to have here in Canada at similar pricing.
Based on user comments I come across here on iDB, the T-Mobile you’re talking of is not the T-Mobile of today.
You forgot syncronising offline (personal library) tracks onto your mobile device (iPhone only).
Plus, their “Best-Ever” deal comes with a boatload of crap – domestic overages, international roaming fees, hidden device subsidy costs, and on and on. As far as I can tell, this is a dream deal, especially for those that bring their own device.
But I am glad for T-Mobile as because of them we have att shared plan at affordable price with unlimited international text included (comparison chart above is not accurate).
Contacted Apple and had some rep lie to me that I need to update to the latest (and slowest) OS to get it fixed…total capitalism. So if those carriers were selling the OnePlus one phone, it will be offered at $0 with a new contract. Even Straight talk and Net10 uses AT&T network, so you still have a good alternative there. Feature-wise, the iPhone version is now pulling well ahead of the pack, having had two major updates in the past couple of months. Thanks god i have an iPod Touch, so i can feel the pain of all Android users not having this or that feature from the iPhone app. That last one was just my little joke based on the rumour that Apple are launching a streaming version of iTunes next month. It's mostly about music-streaming service Spotify, with a dose of synthpop music, Google Android, and the odd post or two about gadgets and science fiction. Streaming from Pandora, iTunes Radio, Spotify, Beats, and others don’t count against your data bucket now.

This is what happened to me last week when I upgraded my daughters eligible phone from an old iPhone 4 to a 5c. In fact, I’m never ever going to buy another phone on contract, nor spend over $350 on an off-contract SmartPhone again after seeing the OnePlus One. Show me a Galaxy S5 or iPhone 5S available on contract for free without any stupidly outrageous monthly pricing.
For most people that 2.5 GB is suddenly more than enough for social media and texting, a fair number of photos, and the occasional YouTube video.
It was past the 2 year contract and the only way around losing this discount and to keep your existing price plan is to buy your device outright. I have upgraded all of my devices in our family for the past several years since the iPhone came out…always selecting to keep my existing plan and even have the documents which show that option. So bottom line is, AT&T is not much more expensive than T-Mobile, offers a vastly superior coverage and has a much larger customer base.
Obviously more subscribers currently have Spotify for iPhone than the other mobile platforms, but now that Android has begun to outsell iPhone perhaps Spotify’s mobile priorities might change? As mentioned earlier, companies like Facebook maintain both native apps and a mobile web app.
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