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But for the Christian, what actions do we need to take to accomplish our quest of pursuing GOD?
Oh, and finally, a word of caution: Let's be careful to avoid developing a "checklist mentality" where we can feel justified by our marking off list items and begin to think it is those accomplishments that makes us who we are or saves us.
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We never arrive at a full knowledge of GOD (in this life), therefore the goal is to know Him more closely.
I'm going to quickly suggest a list of fourteen things GOD wants Christians to engage in doing in our pursuit of these three fundamental desires He has for us.
However, let us never think that we can somehow earn or retain our salvation as a result of our deeds.

When we learn that His will for us is to surrender control of our will to His, we learn that He wants to make us like Him in our thinking and in our choices.

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