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While the tips above are specific to medical assistance, I am pretty sure they would translate over to police and fire. Please keep in mind that different counties probably have different 911 systems, and what I say may not be correct for your county – I am only familiar with one type.
How many important phone numbers do you have memorized?  How about your kids?  Most of us have the numbers for friends and family  plugged right into our phone.  What if something happens and you want to call the police or fire department, but it’s not a 911 emergency?  Do you know that number?  Do you have the poison control number handy?
Interested in writing a guest blog on children safety topics or other family-friendly topics? There are more than a few things I learned about calling 911 while working for them that I otherwise would not have ever known, and I am going to pass that knowledge on to you, dear reader.  Most are common sense.

Silly for me to say, I know, but in a true crisis, people say some really strange things, and sometimes logic goes right out the window.
Usually your address will show up because it is linked to your phone number and you may only need to verify it. Yes, the dispatcher heard you say that someone has sliced their leg open something horrible and can even hear them screaming in the background. Let them get to know them as real people and not just cool cars with the lights and sirens. Because Emergency Vehicles are cool, until one gets behind you with the lights going because you were driving just a little too fast on the highway, not that I know that from experience.
When they ask if they have a pulse, answer the question (I will explain more about this later).

Because these are the MOST IMPORTANT ONES (for a medical emergency) Again, I do not know if all emergency systems work this same way. Our home number, my best friend’s parents number (from when we were children) and my cell phone number.
I do not know any of my doctor’s phone numbers, or the pharmacy, the dentist or the vet.

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