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UK passports can be renewed within one year of their expiration, or at any time if the visa pages are full. If you have never had a United Kingdom passport, but you were born in the UK or one of your parents was a British citizen at the time of your birth, you can apply for your first British passport at any time. British passport applications submitted from Canada take an average of 6 to 8 weeks for processing.
On April 7, 2014 application fees for all United Kingdom passports went down due to more efficient processing in the UK. Under most circumstances you cannot inherit British citizenship through a British grandparent, and British citizenship is not transmitted to the second generation born outside the United Kingdom. The application process for getting a British passport from Canada has changed several times in the past few years. The British government has stated that processing all applications within the UK has allowed them to reduce production costs and cut application fees as a result.
Minors under 16 years old must have their parents' permission to receive a British passport. All applications for a United Kingdom passport for minors must have the countersignatory section completed for verification of the parent's identity. A Countersignatory is a person who signs your passport application and photo as your guarantor. Your countersignatory cannot be a relative, cannot live at the same address as you, and cannot work for the passport service. Before January 1, 1983 British citizenship could only be transmitted by descent from a father to his "legitimate" children.

The entire process of getting your British passport if you need to register as a British citizen in this way takes approximately 4 to 8 months to complete.
Once you have obtained a British passport, if you wish to relocate to the UK, you will have to apply for what's called a National Insurance Number.
You can technically start working in the UK without a NIN, but you will need to provide it to your employer as soon as you receive it.
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Info: The application form has the same format no matter which country’s visa it is that the applicant wants to apply for. The UK recognizes dual citizenship, so you can carry both a British and a Canadian passport.
It is not possible to expedite the processing in any way, so it is recommended that you do not make travel plans until you have received your new passport. Whether or not you are a British citizen depends on several factors, including where and when you were born, where and when your parents were born, whether your parents were married, and how your parents became British citizens.
Both parents must give written consent for the passport to be issued to the child, and the forms must be completed by the one of the child's parents (preferably the British parent). This means that they are verifying that the information you have provided on the application is true.
This application shows that had the law been different, the applicant would have acquired British citizenship through their mother. First, they must complete the registration process which includes swearing an oath of loyalty to the Sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II, at the British consulate closest to their residence.

This number serves the same purpose as a Social Insurance Number in Canada, or a Social Security Number in the US, and will allow you to work and receive government services in the UK. You will need to show your United Kingdom passport at this interview to prove you are eligibile to receive a NIN, and they will ask you why you need the number. Specifically, a British Protected Person is someone born in a former British colony who has been granted Protected Person status by the British government due to strife within their home country. However, if a British Protected Person ever naturalizes in another country (such as becoming a Canadian citizen), they lose their protected person status and cannot renew their British passport. It is no longer to simply renew a Hong Kong British passport - any person from Hong Kong who wished to retain their United Kingdom passport  would have needed to become a full British citizen either through immigration to the UK or other means, and could then apply for a standard British passport. Any original documents you submitted with your passport application, such as an expired passport or birth certificate, will be returned to you in a separate courier package. The person acting as your countersignatory has to provide their contact information so that Her Majesty's Passport Office can contact them. But, for children born outside the UK whose mother but not whose father was British, they could not inherit British citizenship and obtain a UK passport. Then, once they receive their certificate of registration they may apply for a UK passport. This allows them to travel on a special British passport despite not being a British citizen.

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