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This publication contains results from the October 2003 State Supplementary Survey, Bicycle Usage and Household Telephone Connections, Queensland. Information about bicycle usage is included in the publication Bicycle Usage, Queensland, October 2003 (cat. In October 2003, an estimated 1,403,500 (95.3%) of the 1,473,200 households in Queensland had at least one fixed telephone connection. For the purposes of the survey, fixed telephone connections were defined as connections having their own telephone number, including those connections which were used partially or totally for facsimile (fax) or the Internet. In almost all households (99.1%), at least one of the fixed telephone connections was reported as contactable, that is, able to receive standard telephone calls. There were 1,149,100 (81.9%) connected households where at least one of the connections was listed in the residential section of Telstra's White Pages. Of all persons aged 18 years old and over, an estimated 2,669,600 or 96.2% lived in households with at least one fixed telephone line connection.

Of people living in households with at least one fixed telephone connection, most (99.4%) were in households where at least one of these connections was contactable.
The proportion of people with access to connections that were listed in the residential section of Telstra's White Pages was 82.5%.
In October 2003, an estimated 1,892,900 (68.2%) of 2,774,800 persons in Queensland had the use of a mobile phone.
For the purposes of this survey, use of a mobile phone referred to any person aged 18 years and over, who had the use of a mobile telephone including one supplied by an employer, or by sharing with another person.
The proportion of households with fixed connections in the Brisbane Major Statistical Region (MSR) was 96.2% (650,100 households). On public transit, the closest Queensland Rail Citytrain station is Robina, on the Gold Coast line. It presents information on fixed telephone connections of households and individuals, as well as a person's access to a mobile phone.

The use of silent numbers would be a substantial factor in the difference between listed versus non listed connections. This decreased to 82.0% for the proportion of people with both listed and contactable connections.
The focus was to determine telephone coverage of households and individuals across the state. Not all listed connections are contactable; dedicated connections for fax or internet services can be listed but may not be able to receive standard telephone calls (contactable).

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