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Phone prefixes are the codes that tell the phone companies which state, city, or county a person is calling from. There are also prefixes that help the phone companies and the people receiving the calls to identify companies and their 800 numbers. For now phone prefixes are the way to organize and divide up areas of the country so that there is some way to get and receive phone calls in a timely manner.
If the first three numbers of the seven-digit phone number are any of the following, then the phone number will be changed from the 909 area code to the 951 area code on July 17, 2004. If your phone does not utilize one of the following prefixes, you can check with your carrier about changing your number. However, as more people are added to phone services, these numbers are not changing as much as they used to.

This is because instead of there being separate states like in America, other countries are not divided the same way. However, more numbers may need to be added to phone numbers so that there are enough combinations to keep numbers distinguishable. Because a lot of people now use their landline number as a cell phone, knowing which numbers are cell phones and which are landlines is also becoming more difficult. Their prefixes still distinguish which country they are in and which city, and the prefixes change based on the number of people living and working there.
Re-using numbers is a technique occasionally used by phone companies, however no one wants to receive a recycled number; the phone calls received on them can become frustrating. When phone numbers change the prefix can too, or if a person or business moves, this can also change the prefix.

Prefixes help to differentiate between each person's phone numbers and to organize all the numbers. They have to be upgraded and changed all the time to accommodate the increasing demand for phone numbers.
Some will have their fax numbers with an in-state number and an 800 number – working the same way. As there have been more 800 numbers added, the numbers have gone to 866 numbers and other variations which are still toll free, but as more companies are founded more variations are added to the system to accommodate the increased need.

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