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Utilizing our proprietary directory, you can conduct a reverse email address search to lookup anyone. If someone you don't know sends you an email, it is natural to want to know who the person is, even if the email is not spam or unfriendly.
While your garden variety spam is a mere nuisance, harassing email can be upsetting and even scary. There is no central listing of email addresses like phone numbers are listed in a phone book. One sure way to get the information you're looking for is to enlist the help of an internet service that specializes in this kind of cyber- detective work. Use our reverse email lookup to quickly reconnect with old friends from high school, verify a person's contact information from your e-mail address book, or find a long lost relative using nothing more than someone's email address! U-Turn USA - Home of the World's Best Powered Paragliders and Paramotor Instruction & Equipment.Contact us - USA - 1-800-707-2525 or International - 1-801-631-1731.
Carbon fiber axles and aircraft grade aluminum construction mean the Air Trike is incredibly durable and stable! The front landing gear is castered, ensuring that the trike will not tip over during landing or takeoff. Although the design of the Air Trike is incredibly robust, it weighs in at only 26 pounds!!! We ship the Air Trike in a box that is only 24x24x15 so it breaks down incredibly small and light for transport or shipping. Another grreat thing about the Air Trike is how quick and easy it is to remove the paramotor. With a weight of only 144 lbs total after the addition of a Flat Top 200 it is easily within the ultralight classification so there is no license required for the pilot or costly certifications or registration for the aircraft. It is also very portable when used with the travel rack designed for it which fits any standard receiver hitch and allows both the Flat Top and S-Trike to be carried behind a vehicle without need for a trailer. Hundreds of glider choices are available making the S-Trike one of the most versitile paramotor trikes on the market.  High speed stable to over 50mph you can launch much faster gliders for acro or xc flying. Equipped with a parking brake it gives you the ability to setup to launch on a hill, lock the wheels for transport or make the S-Trike paramotor stay put while warming up the engine.  This is a must have! Search any email address and quickly scour public records, phone book sources and other databases online for the owner's identity of any email address. Anyone who has been targeted by this type of email knows that it can be extremely upsetting- especially since you generally don't know the identity of the person behind it.
When you sign up for a phone number and service, you must supply verifiable personal information like your social security number. The huge difference between the Air Trike and other paramotor trikes on the market is safety, light weight, durability, ease of breakdown and stability.
What is really hard to comprehend is the fact that most trikes out there are not even designed by actual pilots or experts on the sport. So you still have the versatility of being able to foot launch or quickly attach the trike when needed.

With adjustable lumbar support, well laid out controls for comfort and 21 inches of spring steel suspension to absorb impact, the S-Trike sets a new standard for safety. When available, this search lookup can be used to find names and addresses (including the city, state, and zip) of any e-mail address.
Remove the 3 struts and in seconds the Air Trike becomes the most portable trike on the market. Many have bars going clear up over the top of your head with glider hook in points way up above the certified level. Taking the Air Trike on and off the Flat Top paramotor takes only 4 bolts and a few minutes.
Even the luggage bag that is available for the Air Trike packs up very small when not in use but can hold an incredible amount of gear. This is an incredibly critical factor because with backwards caster if your wing goes off to the right for example, the front wheel will shoot off to the left which is the opposite of what you want it to do. Your reserve parachute even stays installed on the Flat Top as you use the main comfort bars and harness of the Flat Top when flying the Air Trike. The key is to make a trike with a low stable center of gravity but also with ample crumple zone to absorb impact in a crash.
You can easily fit a 6 gallon gas can with a gallon of oil and have room to spare for your camping gear and sleeping bag and other items.
So switching back and forth between trike flying and foot launching is very quick and simple with this design.
The Air Trike has 21 inches of crumple zone under the pilots butt which is really incredible. That height is the distance between the pilots seat and where the glider actually hooks in.
Notice many trikes out there have only 5-6 inches under the pilot or even have the pilot sitting over the top of a steel bar. That is 64 lbs more weight you have to carry compared to the Air Trike which makes a huge gigantic difference in fuel economy, distance to launch, ease of transport and moving it around, noise levels and climb rate.
Because of the incredible lightweight it leaves the most headroom for any extra weight you want to carry. With bars going up over your head the hook in point can be well over 1 ft above the certified height. It doesn’t take much impact to cause spine injuries and from years and years of experience that is a major concern to address.
That means all the work done by the glider manufacturers to make the wing stall and spin resistant goes right out the window. 21 inches of crumple zone is enough to absorb even a full stall straight into the ground with very little risk of injury let alone death. The Air Trike is also really a very strong unit and can easily support the weight of much heavier pilots along with upwards of 150 lbs in the luggage bag. If the wing tries to pull you over the Air Trike just turns towards the wing giving you maximum stability.

So what would have been a very safe and stall resistant certified glider can become a complete death trap just by hooking it to a very poorly designed trike or paramotor with hook in points that are not even at the certified height. Zero people have ever died on the Air Trike and the crumple zone has been extremely effective in saving many many people’s lives. The very wide stance and properly designed front landing gear make it incredibly stable and forgiving. Do NOT buy a trike that doesn’t have certified height hook in points which are lower down under your ribs. Do not even consider a trike that doesn’t have at least 16-21 inches of crumple zone under you. It took quite a bit of trial and error to find the perfect winding for the carbon fiber struts. Also by having the glider hook in clear up above your head it gives the glider a lot more leverage with which to flip you over. Out first prototypes you can see in a few videos was a bit too soft allowing the trike to come a bit too low to the ground. So uncertified hook in points clear up above your head in combination with backwards caster to the front landing gear and you can easily realize why you are pretty much guaranteed to flip over the poorly design trikes on a regular basis.
Our current production model is much stiffer so even a 300 lb pilot will have no problem at all with harder landings without bottoming out.
Another thing we made sure of is that the struts will actually allow you to bottom out before they break.
You simply do NOT make an aircraft with 4 wheels because one wrong move and they will tumble.
The hook in points are exactly within specification of every certified glider and having them down low also gives a huge improvement in stablity.
While 4 wheels might be more stable for a ground vehicle it is an absolute nightmare for an aircraft. Another major issue with high hook in points is that it almost complete elminiates your ability to weight shift properly.
That also drastically reduces both control and safety as it forces you to use 10 times more brake than is necessary. Using far more brakes on a glider that is no longer spin and stall resistant because of the elimination of certified hook in points and you can realize why so many have had horrible experiences on other units out there. That means you can use very minimal brakes and keep the energy for active piloting and stability instead of using all your brakes just to turn. If you have to use almost all your brake travel just to make a turn how do you active pilot the wing and add more presure when needed if you are in a turn? Far too many out there are built by people who are not even pilots let alone aircraft designers.

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