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Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! It seems that there are more and more area codes every year, as the total US population increases along with the amount of cell phone numbers and landlines that people have. Wow, it's surprising that Texas has the same amount of area codes as California, but CA having significantly more people (and telephones).
The NAANP has more detailed maps on their websites, but on a state by state basis, not on a US scale.
Have I just missed it, or does the map not include any of the overlay area codes for the codes that have the exact same region?
It's funny because my area code is overlaid with another area code, and I still DON'T KNOW anyone with the new overlay area code (it's been around since 2008). In the next few years, every single Bay Area area code is going to be overlaid with something else, with another one (707) being split 3 ways.
I originally thought that these things were determined by population and state lines, but there is probably something more to this.

For the life of me, I can figure out why the US doesnt do what other countries, even Brazil, has done. LincMad’s Telephone Area Code Map of North America is a pretty useful tool to bookmark for reference if you need to call or identify people across the country. CloseDisclaimer : All Effort has been made to draw and design above image is correct and accurate. Maps of all size and colors the way you want them from 3ft X 6ft or 110ft x 12ft Tell us and we will make them for you. That map was SO off at 2nd glance, so I found a map from one of the sites I was looking at, but it doesn't contain any overlay area codes.
At least for CA, 916 serves only Sacramento County and parts of Placer County, BUT that wasn't even part of the original 916 area code (it was part of 415). Look how much 415, for example, has shrunk in the past 60 years, as more and more people moved to the Bay Area. Area codes that have not yet taken effect are shown with a green line and the area code in parentheses.

On the map it is labeled as 214+, which suggests additional codes, but not how many more, or what they are.
Some planned area codes that have been cancelled or indefinitely postponed are no longer shown…Detailed maps of some of the metropolitan areas may be added in the future, along with time-zone boundaries.
There is no scale is used for the above image.** The above images is copyright and can be downloaded free. The Image can not be used in commercial use like internet and printing etc without the permission of the Publisher.

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