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The VA and other federal agencies have issued dozens of similar surveys requesting information about the potential use of PLAs on specific construction projects across the country as a result of regulations and federal agency policies stemming from President Obama’s pro-government-mandated PLA Executive Order 13502, which encourages federal agencies to mandate PLAs on a case-by-case basis for federal construction projects exceeding $25 million in total cost.
This post was written by Ben Brubeck and tagged Tags:Executive Order 13502, Federal Construction, Missouri, PLA survey, PLAs, Project Labor Agreements, St. The merit shop contracting community and taxpayers need to help defend free and open competition from special interests. This entry was posted in Famous Veterans, News and tagged 93 years old, American legion Post 43, Army veteran World War II, Mickey Rooney, Passes on April 7, 2014 by Admin. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
DENVER (AP) – Congress could wrap up an agreement by Wednesday that finally clears the way to finish an over-budget medical center in Aurora after months of wrangling and recriminations.
The deal that emerged Tuesday would allow the Veterans Affairs Department to transfer $625 million to complete the hospital from other accounts within its budget. It would also put the Army Corps of Engineers in charge of future VA construction projects costing $100 million or more in hopes of avoiding another blunder of this magnitude.

The deal probably won’t require the VA to take $200 million of the money from its employee bonus budget, as House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Jeff Miller proposed, Coffman said.
A Corps of Engineers investigation into what went wrong said the VA repeatedly changed the design and square footage of the hospital.
Construction has been creeping along under a series of temporary funding measures while Congress struggled to come up with a deal. The agreement now taking shape requires the House and Senate to take two votes each: One to raise the spending cap and another to allow the VA to transfer the $625 million. The Senate approved the higher spending cap Friday and could vote on the stop-gap spending bill Wednesday. The VA would also be required to get permission from the House and Senate veterans committees on specifics of the transfers.
The House and Senate panels have held hearings on the overruns, and lawmakers have demanded the VA fire those responsible. Tell the VA that government-mandated PLAs reduce competition, increase costs, and impede the economy and efficiency of government contracting.

Responding with accurate and timely information is critical and effective at creating more work for qualified merit shop contractors and their skilled employees. Army veteran during World War II and a Entertainer for troops.  He was also a member of American Legion Post 43 in Hollywood, California. The corps also said the VA also used a complicated contract process that department officials didn’t understand, and that they adopted it too late in the process, leading to disputes and conflicting cost estimates. Language approving the transfers is part of a stop-gap measure to keep the government running past Wednesday. The VA is investigating and says one senior executive on the project retired a day after he was questioned under oath.

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