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HOT YOGA:  When the hubby and I decided to get healthy for each other, we knew exercise would need to be a part of our lives. PORTION CONTROL:  After meeting with a nutritionist and re-learning about food, she helped me see food in a whole new way. Another reason this is bad was because I was taking down chunks of food at a time, my digestive system had to work extra hard to break down that food and get the nutrition from it if there was any. In taking smaller bites and really chewing my food, it made me eat slower and savor my food.
BYE-BYE BAD CARBS:  I still eat carbs, just heavily limit the bad ones like white bread, pasta, rice, white sugar, white flour, rice, potatoes, etc. I rarely eat bread but if i do it’s a small piece of sour dough or pumpernickel and usually has 4 or 5 ingredients or I make my own. While I was in the hospital for hernia surgery I was supposed to drink water but just couldn’t get it down so the doctor suggested warm tea. This entry was posted in Weight Loss and tagged 100 pound loss, exercise, Food, GMO, Health, Healthy, Nutrition, organic, protein, success, success story, weight loss, Yoga on March 12, 2014 by Bunny. Isadora lost 70 pounds in 8 months by creating a calorie deficit with healthy foods and running every day. Success weight loss stories: From a man who lost almost 1000 pounds to another who started a cross country walk to lose weight. One of the most heartwarming diet, health, and weight loss stories that has been ongoing since January 2006 is the effort being undertaken by former half-ton man Manuel Uribe, aka "The World's Heaviest Man," to lose almost 1,000 pounds and save his life.
Uribe drew worldwide attention when he appeared on the Televisa television network in January 2006, but turned down offers for gastric surgery in Italy.
In 2003, David weighted over 600 pounds and decided to change his life only through carb cycling and exercise. After 4 years, he weighted a stunning 229 pounds, losing 401 pounds but still had excess skin on his body.
Rosalie Bradford (1943 - 2006) holds the Guinness World Record for most weight lost by a woman. Sadly enough, in one of the five sessions of surgery to remove excess skin during her weight loss, she had some complications that later caused her death. He began weight training and put on over 50 pounds of muscle in the years since, lowering his body fat even further.
After following a strict diet plan, Jon Brower Minnoch (USA), reduced to 216 kg (34 st) by July 1979, thus indicating a weight loss of at least 419 kg (66 st) in 16 months.
However, seven years later, he gained up to 453 kg (1,000 lb) and had to be repeatedly hospitalized to the Brookhaven Rehabilitation and Health Care Center. He began the 3,000-mile trek from his Oceanside, California home to Manhattan on April 10, 2005, when he weighed 410 pounds and was suffering severe depression after accidentally killing two pedestrians while driving 15 years ago.
Apart from attracting his fair share of media attention, he managed to shed over 100 lb in the process. A blog dedicated to before and after weight loss pictures, showing healthy transformations from real girls and guys, women and men. And all of you, people that follow me, or stopped to make a question and tell me that love my curvy body, you make me proud. Wow, you have really inspired me to take control of my body and really work to achieve my dream weight! Just wanted to let you know that you have inspired me to start my own blog about my weight loss journey, thanks for putting yourself out there. Jonathon Walters, this 6’3? man successfully lost 200 pounds from 477 pounds in just 9 months without surgery. Jonathon Walters’ weight loss motivation came from his dad who passed away from heart attack on May 6, 2013.
He began to eat more foods to numb himself, but after some time he remembred what his father taught him and realized he needed to change this His father told him not to quit.
Following these tips consistantly, Jonathon Walter managed to lose 200 weight and now his weight is just 270 pounds. But here, in this utterly amazing Cushnie et Ochs LRD (little red dress), Jillian looks glamorous, chic and super feminine.
She actually wore this dress during a fashion show that she walked in for a heart charity event in 2013 (meaning it's no longer available). This dress is part of Cushnie et Ochs pre-fall 2012 collection, but for an updated take on it, check out the new-in option below, and some of our other alternatives too. Jillian says she had no idea that the former high school swimmer had dropped a mind blowing 155 lbs by the finale.'Nobody had told us.
Mary has a facebook page which you can like to get a daily dose of encouragement CLICK HERE TO LIKE HER PAGE! I think it was when I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, and my doctor insisted I try to control it with diet and exercise to avoid being on all kinds of meds the rest of my life. The thing that kept me going was remembering the dark place I was in, when I had let my health go, and never wanting to go back to that dark and lonely place. I still have a few more pounds I want to lose, so I’m still doing my workout routines and counting calories. Well, I went shopping the other week and was able to walk into any store and try on and find something that fit me.

Weight management involves lots of things that are governed by factors like ones age, height, dietary habits. I never feel ashamed or regret working out and when I see the scale going down, I never feel defeated or discouraged.
Who knew that unhealthy relationship would affect almost every relationship I had during that time. I used to eat until I was stuffed, took huge bites, didn’t always chew my food and down went huge chunks of unchewed food.
I would be full LONG before I stopped eating but because I was eating so fast, my stomach didn’t have time to tell my brain. I am not gluten-sensitive that I know of but have noticed a big difference in how I feel when I eat gluten-free foods. I use zucchini or spaghetti squash for pasta, quinoa in place of pasta, rice, meat, potatoes and oats. I just make much better choices now to satisfy my craving and I don’t take down the whole box of cookies. It was like the skies opened up, the light bulb went on and I realized what the problem was all along.
My medication requirements have been reduced dramatically, and I no longer live in constant, physical and emotional pain. Manuel Uribe Garza (born June 11, 1965) is a man from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, and was one of the heaviest people in medical history. Through a system of natural health, whole foods and a basic walking program of 20 minutes a day, lost nearly 300 pounds of fat over 2 and a half years. Residing in Canada, Rob is now healthy, muscular, and follows a healthy eating plan and exercise routine. At his peak in 1978 Jon Brower Minnoch tipped the scales at an estimated 635 kilograms or 1397 pounds. Sadly, though, by October 1981, the former taxi driver had put on over 89 kg (34 st), undoing all his good work.
May 14, 1953) suffered from an extreme case of morbid obesity, known to be among the heaviest people in the world. Luke’s Hospital in New York, he dropped his weight from 411 kg (910 lb) to 90 kg (200 lb) and waist size from 290 cm (110 in) to 91 cm (36 in) in 19 months with the help of the dieting and exercise coach Richard Simmons and was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest recorded weight loss in 1990. I’m hoping that I could add in a 3rd photo to this set at the end of this year, or maybe in Feb next year. I'm a mom of 2 and I have loose skin and stretch marks, but I also have muscle and definition, and a burning desire to be better than I was yesterday.
Let the other moms and women out there know it IS possible to look and feel good about yourself! And I've taken a page from your book and actually started a blog myself, to keep myself motivated and track all my progress.
My daughter was born 5 years ago, I gained 40 lbs with her, oh, and I was 40 years old when I had her, so that may be a part of all of this.
Im the girl that has lots of girlfriends that are not only beautifulbut skinny even after babies!
The criss-cross neckline shows off her perfectly toned arms, and the triangle lace panel on the skirt makes for some amazing contouring. What was your “Aha” moment when you decided you needed to do something about your weight? It wasn’t very healthy, it worked while I was doing it, but when I stopped the weight came back, and then some. I work full time for the City, I help take care of my Grandmother, and I do free Fitness Coaching as well. Did you have people in your life that weren’t positive towards the changes you were making?
But I learned very quickly that you should never focus on the negative, if you do only negative things happen. For breakfast, I’d get fast food, 2 breakfast sandwiches and a juice and some cookies.
I always used to have sweets, ice cream and big meals and was brought up to finish what was on my plate. Foods with laboratory created ingredients, preservatives, dyes and chemicals have no place in my body. In doing so, my body doesn’t require a truck load of food to get the same nutritional benefit as a cup of organic food provides.
Then by the time I swallowed, the digestive juices in my gut were able to easily absorb the nutrition from the food and not putting undue stress on my digestive system. After reaching a peak weight of around 597 kg (1,316 lb) and being unable to leave his bed since 2001, Uribe lost considerable weight with the help of doctors and nutritionists, and by following the Zone diet.
He has also been featured on "World's Heaviest Man", a television documentary about his bedridden life and attempts to lose weight. Rosalie Bradford posthumously continues to hold the world record for having lost the most weight. Questions were raised by both the media and fans as to whether Vaught caught rides and did not in fact walk every mile.

I gained over 50lbs from the time I met my husband until we got married (10 months later), got up to 232lbs when pregnant with my first boy.
Its so nice to read lovely responses from your followers on how motivating your actions are.
For past couple of years, I have been thinking about getting up n doing something about my ever-increasing weight.
He not just benefits himself, his story also benefits his family members that his sisters now become very healthy. So I started choosing wisely who I allowed in my life, and decided they were no longer worth keeping around and cut off ties. For lunch I’d get fast food again, a meal large size with another dollar menu burger to go with it.
I learned that food is fuel and energy and good food is necessary for my body to be at it’s optimal health and happiness. I can’t even count the times I had to loosen my pants or went into a food coma from eating so much. It also keeps my metabolism constantly running which in turn helped the pounds to come off even without exercise.
Just take it one day at a time, one foot in front of the other and I have no doubt that you will make your goal I’d love to hear about your progress. He then toured the United States lecturing about his experiences and advocating dieting and exercise and appeared in infomercials promoting Richard Simmons. You're awesome!If you get a free moment swing on over to my new blog inspired on the same grounds as yours. Obviously I thought she had lost too much weight.'A fact that was visible on Jillian and fellow trainer Bob Harper's faces when Rachel revealed her slender frame on live television. But there were times that I wanted to give up, like when I’d plateau and not go down in weight or size for a while, or when I went through my break up, etc. Until it got to the point to where I could walk a 15 minute mile, sometimes 14 and then I started bicycling.
I’m much better off, as I am now surrounded by tons of amazing, beautiful, intelligent and inspirational people. The big food companies are afraid they will lose billions if we are informed of the cancer causing, nutritionally void foods they are putting on the grocery shelves. I started researching the benefits and found that it was a great way to build strength and lose weight so off I went to my first class. It makes me feel like a warrior when I’m all done soaked with sweat on every single part of my body. John Stone became a bodybuilder and every month during the past 5 years he took pictures of him and put them on his blog. I've felt so discouraged - like I can never make the changes necessary to finally rid myself of all this extra weight. After dating for 2 years, we broke up (I was stupid) and a bad marriage later for each of us, we were reunited. However, months went by and it only got worse, long, very long story short, 2 years later I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and put on a cocktail of drugs and have been on them for 3 years now. Sure, I give up an hour of my day to work out, but it’s an hour that I would have spent on the couch. There are just times in life when you want to give up on things, but I just kept reminding myself why I started this journey in the first place. I’d also snack on chips and candy throughout the day in between meals and drink anywhere from 6-12 cans of Pepsi a day. I hit an alltime high this month - 254 :(Interested in coming to Alabama to kick my butt into shape? However Im a good 20 pounds heavier then you and seeing your halo of hotness is helping me step it up not just with my weight loss but with my hair makeup and looking super sexified for me and the soon to be hubby! And I was always able to turn to my Coach for support whenever I needed it; he always knew how to get me thinking about my goal again. I had never been to Vegas, or gone any place far by myself, and I stayed in a hotel with a huge casino, and gambled for the first time, went to a Coaching Summit to better myself as a Fitness Coach with 7,000 other coaches, and made tons of new friends. I still do other forms of exercise like biking, light weight training, a P90 video here and there, some wi-fit and hiking when the weather permits. Well, I've gained so much weight, weigh as much now as I did when I delivered my daughter, at 9 months prego!
I just started watching my caloric intake so hopefully I'll be following in your foot steps soon. Some people might even be shocked to think of me that way from what they see of my eating habits now. I also have a skinny husband who can eat a cow and a gallon of ice cream and not gain a pound.
My goal is to loose 50lbs, but moreso, to throw away all the pills I take and not hurt anymore!

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