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Summary: 63 Simple Weight Loss Tips is a FREE application which features useful tips and ideas from my own experience, and from various other people, who shared them in person, on forums, social media sites etc. This isnt a step-by-step weight loss plan or a diet guide the main purpose of this app is to remind you, that weight loss is not necessarily easy, but it is simple.
There are also 20+ popular and effective exercise videos included (links to YouTube) for cardio and strength training, which you can do individually, or as part of the weight loss exercise programs.

Please e-mail us, if you have any suggestion or questions we always reply, as we want you to have a positive experience with our app. Most of the tips are common sense, but when written down, they provide a lot of aha moments. These weight loss tips are useful and will help you to lose that weight faster and will also keep you motivated.

The benefit is that it allows you to verify that the activities you are performing are aligned with what really works.

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