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Slow down Your EatingYour brain takes 20-30 minutes to receive the signal that you're full, so pace yourself.If you rush through a meal as if it were a sprint, you'll eat more than you need, and that'll definitely slow down your weight loss!You'll find this tip helpful especially in that first 7-pounds-in-7-days week.
Park Far AwayStart parking farther away when you go to the store, work or any other destination.This small step can help you burn between 50 and 200 extra calories in a day, or a max of about 1,400 calories in that first week!

Easy on the DressingSalads are loaded with metabolism-boosting phytonutrients, but don't drown your healthy meal with fatty, sodium-laced dressing.Dress up your salad with nuts, apples, carrots and onions instead!

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