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We all use several expensive beauty products to look beautiful and charming, but sometimes it is the weirdest and the most unusual thing that really works like a magic. If you’re having the problem of dark circles and puffiness under your eyes, use this simple home remedy that really is magical in reducing swelling under eyes. Honey is one of the greatest gifts of nature and humans have been using it for treating wounds and healing injuries for centuries. From these awesome beauty tips: this technique will guide you to make a perfect scrub for a beautiful skin. This weird but amazing beauty tip is for those of you, who are tired of applying unnatural chemicals to their hair and don’t want to visit expensive salons for making their hair beautiful.
If you are wondering how to get rid of pimples, If you’re facing the problem of irritating and nasty little pimples and don’t have your acne cream: toothpaste can be used as an emergency acne treatment.
Try this amazing beauty tip to get amazing lip stains using ordinary things from your kitchen.
Are you wondering that how to strengthen nails than you got your solution because lemon is very effective and useful in making your nail strong.
If you are out of your makeup remover and can’t go to buy a new one, we have another natural solution for this problem.
Even if they are not so materialistic, women love presents – it does not matter what it is but it shows her you care enough. Leg day is probably the least favorite day for most people but there are actually a lot of advantages to working your wheels.
Just take two metal teaspoons and put them in fridge for five minutes or hold them under cold water for a few minutes. Scrubs are very effective in removing the dead layers of cells and expose new cells to make skin fresh and soft. If you want to naturally highlight your hair at home or looking for a natural way to lighten your hair, just try this lemon juice in hair trick from these weird but useful beauty tips. Olive oil can serve as a natural makeup remover as it is less abrasive than the most makeup removers. Remember that most women are not only sensitive but are really clever and  sometimes experienced too – they know what men want and they know how a men disguises his words—they have a sixth sense for such things.
It does not have to be expensive; just get her something that will remind her of you – nothing obnoxious please! Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
These natural and useful DIY beauty tips may look little crazy and weird but they definitely work and you can also save extra money that you usually spend on expensive beauty products. According to beauticians, its anti bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities reduce skin infections and boils.

Make your skin healthy and fresh while chilling under the sun on beach by making a unique scrub of sand and water. Lemon juice is the perfect solution for creating natural hair highlights or lightening your hair. As we have mentioned before, these weird but useful beauty tips are especially for those, who are tired of traditional and expensive methods to improve their beauty. Just dab toothpaste gently on pimples before sleeping and you’ll get rid of the pimples overnight. If you’ve beetroot in your fridge, you can give yourself pretty great and natural lip stain. Eggs will give you a perfect protein treatment for strengthening your hair and vitamins A, D and E will give shiny and healthy look. But how can you seduce a woman in the right manner so that she offers you to come home with her, instead of a tight slap? Do not ask her to get into bed with you on the first date or else she will be out before you know it. For example, send her an invitation to dinner – prepare it yourself if you want to double the effect. A romantic book or a mixed CD symbolizing their love, chocolates and flowers (remember old-fashioned), a stuffed bear… anything sweet will work. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). You can also use potato or cucumber slices on your eyes to get rid of the puffiness and swelling of your eyes. You can wash your face with honey to remove make up or apply it on your skin to give it a healthy glow.
All you have to do is mix lemon juice and water in equal amounts and apply it on all hair or the selected area and go out in the sun.
So here is another unusual beauty tip that involves only strawberries to get beautiful white teeth at home. Just use simple white toothpaste and it will dry out the pimples even faster than your normal acne-treatment.
Just try and you’ll find these weird beauty tips extremely useful or you can also look at our home remedies for dark circles article for detailed explanation on it.
If you don’t want to use chemical based shampoos, honey is the perfect and natural solution for your hair problems. Malic acid in strawberries works like magic to brighten your teeth by removing surface discoloration.
But this technique is only for emergency use and don’t consider it as a substitute for acne cream.

If you don’t want to use any conditioner, you can mix 3 table spoons of vinegar in one litter of water and rinse your hair with natural conditioner. Just mix 1 tablespoon of honey in half cup of warm water and your honey shampoo is ready to use. Just don’t forget to wash your hair with some good conditioner afterwards to avoid dryness in your hair. You can use tooth brush to rub strawberry paste on your teeth or simply rub it with your fingers. According to famous celebrity makeup artist Joanna Schlip, “This great non-drying alternative will leave behind an amazing stain all day”. There is no secret (except I think there is a correlation between how much you poop and how defined your abs are). Don’t use strawberries on your teeth every day, as the excessive use of malic acid can also damage the enamel of teeth. Only precaution you can take is make sure the water is not hot enough to cook the eggs, otherwise you’ll have scrambled hair. You can have the most defined abs in the world, but if they’re hidden by stuff, no one will know about your existing six pack. When you’re driving, watching the Bachelor, filing your nails, tighten and hold in your stomach muscles. While doing yoga for 60-90 minutes, you are supposed to be engaging your core the entire time. Even if you are not doing a pose specific to your core (although if you’ve done it long enough you realize they are all specific to your core) you are engaging your abs. Whatever form of exercise you are doing be it running, cycling, swimming think about your core and make sure it is tightened, engaged. While your core will get a workout during cardio exercise, I believe the benefit is greatly increased if you make a conscious effort to engage, engage, engage.
I have noticed increased strength and definition in new areas since I’ve been forced to run less and cross train more.
It’s my belief that to be a better runner, you have to make cross training funner (like that?).

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