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I don’t like just giving a clear comparison about two competitive products without giving a clear insight about the product itself.
This is the main mechanism of action of Hydroxycut Elite where it increases body temperature to a certain degree therefore the metabolic rate raises and results are more fat burning along with great energy to be used. My problem with Hydroxycut is that you do have to pee a lot than usual due to it’s amount of caffeine in it.
So far Phen375 got reviewed on this following article (Phen375 Reviews) so no need to investigate it here. Using Hydroxycut Elite on daily basis helps to increase weight loss rate up to 1 -2 lbs per week.

However, I recommend to read on Phen375 as it has great effect on weight loss and much more suitable for women than men (biologically more compatible). My magnifying glass will focus only on Hydroxycut as it’s impressive to see such diet pill with that price doing so good results. Most importantly the main pro for Phen375 over Hydroxycut, its weight loss rate is 3 times more per week. This can be a clear advantage for the ones interested to fasten the process of fatburning and weight loss rate. There are also Hydroxycut Pro clinical although this product is much less effective than the first.

The main comparison would be between two powerful fat burners on the market, both considered effective, working and most of all safe. Not only positive feedback from it’s users but the reorder rates were up to the roof in the last year.

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