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Other than swapping out the chocolate used (I subbed in mini chocolate chips this time) and cutting some of the sugar, the recipe remains the same as the one I first made over two years ago. In a medium bowl, beat the butter and sugars with an electric mixer until fluffy and creamed. What is really great about this recipe is that it is quick and easy to prepare, and also happens to yield impressive results. Is there anything better in the world than fresh-out-of the oven, soft, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip cookies?
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In a small bowl, mix applesauce, milk, vanilla, coffee, prunes, chocolate, almond extract, and egg whites. I chilled the dough for about 30 hours, making the end result super fluffy, super chewy and just super perfect.
When your dough is done chilling, roll it into a ball in your palm before placing on the cookie sheet. When you find a cookie that tastes better than Nestle with just 4 grams of fat per cookie, you don’t change it much. I'll appreciate for those who continue this in future. Numerous other people shall be benefited out of your writing. Cheers!

The recipe is from Cooking Light, so as long as you don’t go overboard with the serving sizes one slice comes in at about 280 calories.
My mom used to make the best (really, the best) chocolate chip cookies when we were growing up. Design by wplook Curls N Pearls by Christina Stallings is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Tell your friends about a mom who single-handedly built her own incredible cooking website while simultaneously thoroughly testing recipes for the past two years for her new cookbook.
Which, given how many random facts, unnecessary trivia answers and endless Arrested Development quotes in my brain, is not an easy feat.
I can’t stress this enough, the longer you chill a drop cookie dough, the better your end result will be. Roll dough into small balls and place one inch away from each other on the prepared baking dish. I’ve made this recipe countless times over the years but yesterday I decided to change it up and prepared six mini tartlets (using these tart pans) instead of one big tart. Unfortunately, as I mentioned in a previous post, I have much room for improvement when it comes to baking. For a cooler afternoon when you want to bake something sweet, try out this low-fat recipe that will satisfy your sweet tooth — without any of the guilt!

However, given that these first graced the blog BEFORE I had a real camera, I knew I needed to give them the photoshoot they deserved, with natural light, real props and not an iPhone.
You know when you bake cookies right after you mix the dough and they fall flat and crispy and pathetic? And I couldn't agree more about chilling the dough--that's the best piece of cookie advice I've ever been given!
It also doesn’t help that by the time I was out on my own and learning to bake, the era of refrigerated cookie dough was upon us. Instead of reaching for the store-bought stuff with tons of preservatives and unnecessary amounts of sugar, I created an easy icing recipe using just two ingredients. The reason for this stroll down memory lane is to ressurect one of the top recipes on this blog and give it a bit of a face lift.
With just her hard work, knowledge, cooking and photo ability, and determination.Help build excitement for this independent venture. I'll email you a coupon code to get the e-cookbook for free for any e-reader you've got!

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