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November 12, 2012 By Martha McKinnon 4 Comments Soft, spicy, dark, sweet and chewy, these pumpkin quinoa cookies are winners in my book. I can’t seem to get enough pumpkin-flavored foods this time of year and have a long list of pumpkin recipes accumulating on the counter. So, when the cookie craving struck recently, instead of turning to one of my standby healthy pumpkin cookie recipes,A I decided to give this one for pumpkin quinoa cookies a try. Since it comes from one of my favorite cookbook writers (Camilla Saulsbury) I was pretty confident these pumpkin quinoa cookies would be great. Using quinoa flour, pumpkin puree, and vegetable oil, these pumpkin quinoa cookies stir together in minutes, making them as easy to make as they are delicious to eat. Subscribe for email updates and get a free eCookbook with 15 of my favorite slow cooker recipes - revised SmartPoints edition.
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I grew up hearing that coconut oil is high in saturated fats and therefore not good for you.
I came up with this recipe because I had seen my neighbor in India, prepare coconut rice with peas and potatoes. Add  coconut milk , salt, black pepper and quinoa, stir well and bring it to a gentle boil. Reduce heat to low, cover and simmer gently for 20 minutes or until quinoa is tender and milk is absorbed.
Hi Balvinder, yes I usually sleep quite late which it’s actually very bad for health.
Actually the best time to rest is around 10pm to let our internal organs do the filtering job. Sorry, the link should be Luxury Haven Celebrates 1,000 Facebook Fans With Peter Thomas Roth Giveaways! It was really confusing to me at first when people started saying coconut oil was good for you!
Coconut oil has so many uses and I am sure it really brought lots of dimensions of flavor to your healthy salad.

I’m simply someone who loves cooking and creating healthful, gluten free recipes that anyone can enjoy! Enter your email address to subscribe to Simple Gluten Free Kitchen and receive notifications of new posts by email. The best veggie burgers I’ve ever had were in a tiny river island called Don Det in Laos, Asia in 2007. Randomly one of their specialities are pumpkin burgers packed with ginger, lemongrass, garlic and herbs. This recipe is inspired by that trip plus a few other recipes I’ve researched on the web to create my ultimate bean burger. Start by washing the sweet potatoes, dry them and then pierce them throughout with a fork and wrap them up in foil.
Throw all the burger mix ingredients into the food processor except for the grounded oats and the quinoa. Using your hands gently shape the burgers into discs of about 8cm in diameter and 1 to 1.5cm height, coating them very well with the grounded oats. It's now time to panfry the burgers: Heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a cast iron or non-stick pan over medium heat. I like my burger with vegan mayo, rocket, guacamole (see below for homemade guacamole) and two thin slices of tomato in a burger bun (toasted on the iron pan) and served it with some corn on the cob on the slice.
When you buy something through one of my Amazon links, I receive a commission that helps support this site. This blog chronicles the light, easy and delicious recipes, tips and hints that help me balance my love of food and desire to be happy, healthy and slim. All of a sudden in last two years it has become the healthiest oil and I keep coming across exciting recipes on every third blog. And best not to consume any food after 8pm as during this time our organs already stop working and start doing the filtering job.
The quinoa sounds really good and nutritious compare to rice With all those raves re coconut oil , hopefully the price will go down sometime ?? Or maybe it’s better to buy a good quality olive oil ?
If you want to throw it on a BBQ grill I suggest wrapping up the burgers in foil paper (I’ve never tried but it should work).

Blitz it for a few seconds until it's a bit mashed but not too much or your burgers will turn out too soft. Use a spatula to gently flatten the burgers and flip them around - you should end up with around 8 burgers. I also made my first batch patties too big, I made the remainder smaller and the worked out much better. Displays at health food stores are overflowing with jars of coconut oil and it has become the topic to talk.
Chestnuts are the best substitute for potatoes and supply a feast of nutrients.  They are low in fat, high in fiber and packed with vitamins and minerals. I actually bought an enormous sweet potato which took over an hour to cook - I recommend buying medium ones as it will be quicker (around 45min). Finally add the cooked quinoa and the non-grounded oats and evolve very well with a wooden spoon. If it's a big pan you can place as many burgers are you want just make sure you leave enough room to flip them. I am going to make them again, just had problems with the processor, may do more by hand next time.
Claims abound that the  naturally occurring saturated fats have some amazing health benefits. While in this recipe I used two parts coconut milk and one part quinoa because the dark shade quinoa have slightly more fibrous texture and need some extra moisture.  Although it will take about the same time to cook. Since it was my first time I was certainly not thinking to try coconut oil in a sweet recipe and fool myself in believing that it was butter. The quinoa pilaf gets two hints of coconut flavor one from coconut milk and the other from oil, which gives a quite rich tropical flavor to the dish.  All in all the taste was  sweet, palatable and unmistakably delicious.

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