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I saw these little chicks made from your hard boiled eggs on a Google image search for Easter Bentos.  It was super easy to make!
I cut out circles from sea weed paper (which I actually always keep on hand for food decorating). HomeNative Meal Prep Containers Set Pack of 7 FeaturesONLY 5* RATED MEAL PREP CONTAINERS ON AMAZON - Look at our customer reviews and exceptional feedback.
I’m sure my messages are ending up in spam, but I’d love to find a way to get your address so I can mail them to you!!

Versatile 36oz Three Compartment Leftover Food containers - ideal for school, work, camping, hiking, meal prep, gym, golf, or even home storage to name a few. These premium BPA free plastic food containers are microwave safe, allowing for convenient reheating of meals in seconds.
Also great for arts & crafts and fine motor toys!REDUCE MEAL PREP TIME AND SAVE MONEY - These plastic food containers with lids are ideal for daily meal prep.
Each 36oz container has 3 separate compartments (18oz, 9oz, 9oz) to help you keep a variety of foods apart.

Whatever your goals, whether it's to lose weight, add muscle or simply save money, these trays offer the perfect solution!

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