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Discover important secrets, tips and tricks about fishing in both freshwater and saltwater. Enter your name and email address to get the ebook and to be instantly notified of new fishing tips. Viewer Question: What is the best flounder rig, and is live shrimp the best way to catch them?? Tie a 24 to 30 inch leader line from the swivel to your size SP4 Viper Spoon (or alternately, size SP5).
When you’re ready to fish, stop your motor and check-out the action of your Viper by submersing it about a foot below the surface. Be sure to use this set up for Fluke and Flounder and you will be certain to catch fish after fish. Hi Chris - glad you are doing well with the Viper Spoons The amount of weight will depend on how strong the wind and tide is, as well as, how deep you are fishing. Hi Chris, in shallow water, you can probably get away with a lighter weight, such as 3oz, but again, just make sure it’s maintaining bottom contact.
The Kentucky rig is and has been a very common and effective fish catching rig among crappie anglers for years, and if you talk to anglers that target many other species of fish you will find that Kentucky rig has been around for a long time. This is a great method of fishing but it is not commonly talked about in catfishing industry.
The dynamics of the rigs usefulness is that the weight is on the bottom, when fishing amongst heavy cover, if you get hung up or snagged, just potion you boat above the snag and lift the rig up then let the weight drop down briskly a few times and allow the weight of the sinker do the work to free the rig from the snag. Flathead and channel catfish often hang out, in and around structure such as brush piles, log jams and other structure oriented areas that hold crappie, blue gills and other bait fish. Keep in mind though, this rig is not recommend this for all catfishing situations but when fishing in or around cover or open water bottom bouncing, you will find this to be a very effective setup, reducing snags and losing tackle. I have cut the blue board between the rafters a bit small and sealed around all edges with "great stuff" expanding foam. I have a 1.5" ventilation space between the top of the insulation and the bottom of the roof sheathing connecting my eave and ridge vents.
My question is - Am I correct in thinking that it is also a good idea to use a poly vapor barrier between the inside of the foam insulation and the drywall? Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes. You do need an air barrier, however, so make sure that you pay attention to air sealing when installing the last layer of rigid foam or your gypsum drywall.
Thanks DC, I hope you post future pics of the rest of the assembly till completed and maybe give an update on the hours till ready for drywall. I think all those that keep wanting to do a cut n cobble in the future could use this thread to guid them a bit. Throwing is relatively easy; most people can toss an object from one place to another fairly effortlessly. Every play on the diamond requires one thing — an accurate throw to the intended base.
This guide will provide steps for how to position your body for throwing, taking a bottom-up approach as it explains proper throwing techniques.
The traditional grip is a four-seam grip consisting of your index, middle, and ring finger. Similar to your batting stance, make sure your lower body is positioned properly when initiating your throw, which means perpendicular to your target. To achieve this, the instep of your back foot should be facing your target, and your front foot should be lined up with your back foot. This is the most common way for softball players to learn how to throw, often referred to as the “bow and arrow” technique. When you snap, the ball should have a linear backspin.The line on the ball should not quiver or rotate excessively.
Many softball players gradually shift to this means of throwing as they gain more experience. The positioning of your throwing arm is extremely important, as is learning to throw properly to avoid developing bad habits. While you are moving your feet, retrieve the ball from your glove and get the proper grip with your throwing hand.

Reach back with your throwing hand until it reaches the “L” position with your palm facing away from you.
As you make your throw, your body weight is transferred to your front foot, so feel free to drag your back foot or take an extra step forward to keep your balance. Hold your wrist with your glove hand (no glove needed), and snap your wrist to release the ball.
From your chest, move your glove and throwing hand together in the motion of an “8,” starting to the left first. Once you release the ball, sweep your throwing hand all the way across your body and brush the ground in front of your opposite foot. There may be times when your throws don’t reach the base in time to get an out, but an accurate throw that arrives late is always preferable to an uncatchable throw.
TV Ad Cleared After 'Dogging' ComplaintsIn fact, Mullins was so pleased with the reaction to 'Crushed Kenny', he added another figure - a mannequin he dubbed 'Dead Fred' - with its head flattened underneath a car wheel. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This hair product has been created by complementing 100% Human Hair with some of the most recently invented fibers. Hair Care Product: To maintain fresh, curly & Wet look, lightly apply gel, mousse, or oil sheen. I love this product, it braids in very well and because I run almost everyday it holds up for about eight weeks.
I've tried this hair and find it to very good stuff and for sure i would be using it again, it held up and didn't like matted after a month. A manta ray and a green sea turtle feed in the midst of plastic bags, milk jugs, and other debris floating off one of Oahu's highest-rated beaches. Tony Haymet, former director of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, has heard hundreds of ocean cleanup plans. In the face of growing criticism, Slat had to back off his optimistic boast that he could clean up the oceans in five years. Consider this alarming statistic from CSIRO, Australia's national science agency, which is wrapping up a three-year study of marine debris: Every decade global production of plastics doubles.
The largest is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which starts a few hundred miles off the coast of North America and stretches to a few hundred miles off the coast of Japan; a more concentrated area lies between California and Hawaii. One commonly accepted estimate is that the high-density area inside the Great Pacific Garbage Patch contains 480,000 pieces of plastic per square kilometer (nearly four-tenths of a square mile). Marcus Eriksen, a marine scientist and co-founder of the California-based 5 Gyres, which studies the five main garbage patches, estimates the total floating debris is just 500,000 tons. Only about 20 percent of ocean plastic comes from marine sources, such as discarded fishing equipment or cargo ship mishaps. Keep the skin on and impale the hooks through the skin (light colored fish skin works better than dark). Assuming you have a good drift (no need to troll), your Viper Spoon should be fluttering nicely.
In recent years it has gained popularity among the bass anglers which has dubbed the rig as a drop shot rig. If done properly the weight of the sinker will be enough to dislodge or knock the hook free. This rig will work for blue catfish, channel catfish and flathead catfish; you just need to be sure to tailor your hook size and baits accordingly for the type of catfish you are targeting.
So this rig is great for probing deep into the structure where the catfish reside for the ambush.
And another thought you might want to bury a tstat and humidstat probe in under the foam a foot so below the ridge just to have an idea whats going on in there.
This is your “snap.” The better grip you have, the more control of the ball you have, and the higher velocity you will be able to reach. This motion will turn your upper body so that your non-throwing shoulder points toward your target. Instead of extending your arm straight out towards your target, your elbow acts as the pointer.
The reason your palm faces away from you is because it gives your wrist more torque when snapping.

Keeping your feet planted about shoulder-width apart, put the ball in your glove so your hands start together.
When you finish the “8” your hands should still be together and positioned in front of your throwing shoulder. Take your throwing hand out of your glove and point your non-throwing elbow towards your target.
Throwing errors are generally the results of poor throwing mechanics, mental errors, or rushed plays. The smoothness and tangle-free traits of Human Hair is enhanced by resiliency & curl holding advantages of these fibers. A Dutch engineering student, Boyan Slat, envisions a contraption with massive booms that would sweep debris into a huge funnel. He posted a notice on his website asking the media and the critics to wait until he finishes his research. Even if someone came up with a workable collecting mechanism, how much impact could it have? He came up with the figure based on calculations that 2.5 percent of the world's plastic ends up in the sea. A 2009 research trip to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch by Scripps found 9 percent of the fish had ingested plastic. They favor a low-tech, more practical approach to protecting the oceans from trash: Persuade the world's people to stop littering. About 80 percent of it washes out to sea from beach litter or was carried downstream in rivers, according to the CSIRO study, which is considered the most comprehensive. Only one of Australia's eight main states and territories has a beverage-container deposit law, says Britta Denise Hardesty, who conducted the CSIRO study. This is probably a dumb question but can you use this rig from the shore line in the bay or ocean?
Unlike the Carolina rig which is probably the best all around rig for most situations, the Kentucky rig has some specific applications that can make this a very effective way to setup when targeting catfish around structure, the Kentucky rig is also effective when bottom bouncing the weight on the flats for blue catfish in open water. Keep in mind though, you do not want to jerk and pull the hook hard when you first get snagged to try and free it, this will only embed to hook deeper into the wood and make it tougher for the weight of the sinker to break it free. You could do the same by leaving a PVC pipe running into that point that you could open and check in. So it’s not a far stretch to say that learning how to throw properly is absolutely indispensable. There are two common ways to position your glove side when you are throwing: Glove hand out and elbow out.
It also reinforces proper over-the-top throwing and prevents you from merely pushing the ball forward. At higher levels of softball competition, you’ll often be asked to strengthen your arm for more velocity, but you’ll always be expected to be able to make an accurate throw to any position on the field. This optimum combination, called 100% Human Hair MasterMix, gives this product more volume, manageability, and makes the curl last longer. Songwriter and music producer Pharrell Williams wants to fund the monumental cost of any cleanup by turning recycled ocean plastic into yarn and then clothes. For another, it's made up mostly of degraded plastic, broken down by sunlight and waves into tiny bits the size of grains of rice. Eriksen, with help from seven other scientists, recently analysed material in all of the garbage patches. Opinion polls show support for such laws, but beverage manufacturers have opposed legislation. I would imagine you could jig with it without the weight but i was thinking of casting the rig out and letting it drift the bottom where the current is a little stronger.
Place your fingertips across the seams along the top of the “C.” Your thumb should be gripping the seams on the bottom of the ball directly below your index finger.
They argue that bottle deposits are more expensive than other forms of recycling and that requiring deposits constitutes a tax, which increases the cost of beverages.

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