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While away the afternoon, sitting quietly in the bush with a pair of binoculars in what can best be described as a birders paradise.
Hiking and cycling is a unique experience because it brings you closer to nature, as you are part of the natural environment and not experiencing it in a vehicle. No dangerous animals reside, therefore guests are free to explore walking trails (from 2 - 15 km), either on foot or by mountain bike. Kololo Game Reserve spreads over untouched African bush with open savannah grass plains, thick bushveld, making it the ideal habitat for a wide variety of wildlife. The two wooden terraces of the restaurant offer unrivaled views across the plains of the neighboring Big 5 nature reserve Welgevonden. Classified as a safe game reserve in Limpopo it means that no dangerous animals reside on Kololo, therefor Kololo is the perfect place to go walking and biking! Get swept up in its charming coastlines, fantastic green spaces, intriguing architecture, vibrant art scenes, culinary enticements and many more surprises no first-time visitor is prepared for.
If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, here are six surprising reasons why Newcastle needs to be your next destination.
Novocastrians don’t starve for the three vital S’s that make life simply amazing: sunshine, swimming, and surfing. Wind down after an epic dinner at the friendliest bar hidden in the inner city of Newcastle.
We saved the best for last, which you’d probably regret if you haven’t stashed away some cash for souvenir hunting and shopping.
Whether you’re staying over the weekend or you have a few more days to spend in Newcastle, you really need to plan your trip well to get the most out of the city.
Following up on our first Designing Wellbeing issue, this infographic froom depicts the rise of walking and biking over the last twenty years.
Active transportation not only helps the environment, but has a positive economic impact on communities as a whole. In a study conducted by the League of American Bicyclists, 70% of businesses reported an increase in foot and bike traffic with bike corrals. Cities that put sustainable transportation first, see increases in local spending and savings in healthcare costs. While walking and biking have positive health benefits, the economic benefits are becoming far too great for city planners and governments to ignore. Even in a city known for its traffic, Los Angeles is beginning to understand the importance of walkability and safety for bicyclists. This entry was postedon Tuesday, February 10th, 2015 at 4:00 pmand is filed under Bike, Walking.
The battery life is approximately 25 miles, so it is optimal for those who have to commute.
Project for Public Spaces (PPS) announced last Friday at the closing of Pro Walk Pro Bike 2012 in Long Beach, CA that the next location for their conference will be held in Pittsburgh. Doven said the city plans on doubling the number of bike lanes in the next two years, and for pedestrians, she said the city plans on making wider sidewalks and installing safer crossing signals.  The motivation for the projects is to make the city more sustainable and more livable, especially for young people, she said.

All original material is licensed under a Creative Commons License permitting non-commercial use with attribution. Transportation is fundamentally about providing access to jobs, housing, education, grocery stores and community amenities.
Guests are free to explore the many walking trails (from 2 - 15 km), either on foot or by mountain bike.
Hiking and cycling is a unique experience because it brings you closer to nature, as you are part of the natural environment and not experiencing it in a vehicle which is alien to the environment and the animals.
The trail  continues through Kololo along the river to the 'sunset beach' where you can have another stop. Despite being Australia’s seventh-largest city and the world’s largest coal port, the infamous ‘hellhole’ label in the past seems to be holding it back. You can even add fishing on that if you want something more laid-back yet equally fulfilling. These lucky city dwellers can’t complain with all the green, scenic parks being only a short distance apart. A few notable restaurants in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley serve dishes made from warrigal greens, fresh violets, sea lettuce, wakame (sea vegetable or edible seaweed) and other local produce that you’d never find anywhere else in the world. Designed by Part & Parcel the infographic examines the increases in both government spending on bike and foot paths as well as the number of registered biking and walking trips each year. Check out the picture-perfect lifestyle available to Brunswick Forest residents in our galleries.
Using walking and biking as primary modes of transportation have helped some cities collect over $80 million dollars in annual revenue. Active Living Research found cities that are easily accessed by foot and bike also have increased property values.
CicLAvia, which is quickly catching the public's attention, is an organization working towards making the streets of Los Angeles safer for active transportation.
Bike Pittsburgh works to protect cyclists’ rights and promote the vision of making Pittsburgh a safer and more enjoyable place ride.
Transportation + Mobility connects modes of transit (walking, biking, taking the bus, driving in a carpool or alone) with their related impacts (energy use, emissions and cost). You can spend hours identifying the flora and fauna in the reserve, surrounded only by the sounds and sights of nature. This gives you the opportunity to hear the natural sounds of nature, see the smaller things that you would miss from a vehicle and experience the bush the same way the animals do. But not for long as more discerning visitors realise what the city of steel is truly made of. Take nature day trips at Hunter Wetlands Centre or head for a leisurely stroll at heritage sites. This doesn’t come as  as a surprise since they are serving local brews that grow from the fertile ground of the Hunter Valley. Your first stop should be the Centenary Antique Centre – the shopping paradise whether you’re looking for awesome gifts to your friends or vintage jewelry for yourself.

The Vermont Agency of Transportation reported bicycling and walking created at least 1,400 jobs, $41 million in wages and $83 million in revenue for the state during 2012.
Throughout the year CicLAvia holds car-free street events to help demonstrate the importance of walkable cities. The city's intervention is mandatory in order to provide a viable solution tot this matter.
Of course, it takes a little bit to get there, because the highest speed the scooter can reach is 18 mph. This performance area recognizes that walkability and clean transportation is essential for accessing basic services. In the morning you and your family can be biking or swimming in the streams on Kololo while looking at animals that are mostly considered safe, but in the afternoon you can be on a Big 5 Safari in Welgevonden looking for the Big 5 animals like Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Leopard and Buffalo.
Besides the Big 5 animals Welgevonden Game Reserve is also home to lots of plains game such as Zebra, Blue wildebeest, Kudu and Waterbuck.
You’d have spend three days and you still haven’t seen all the beach attractions the city has to offer.
Discover  age-old and contemporary artworks at Newcastle museum, learn about the Novocastrians’ part in war at the historic site of Fort Scratchley, and imagine the city’s industrial and convict past at Lumberyard.
If you’re looking for revered fine dining spots in Newcastle, you ought to stop by King Street to explore. I don't drive a car to work, because I am aware of its damaging effects on the environment.
Pro Walk Pro Bike will be the great unveiling of Pittsburgh to all the leading advocates, elected leaders, planners, urban designers and engineers who are transforming cities throughout the world into world class places for biking and walking. Not only the animals provide nice photo shots but also the beautiful and varying landscapes give you a true feeling of the African bush.
Download the trail map.Use the links below to view two different routes that you can explore.GPS map of purple bicycle trail on KololoGPS map of blue walking trail on Kololo*You are welcome to bring your own bike to Kololo! Meanwhile, if minerals are your thing, don’t miss the Elephant Shop at Sydney-Newcastle Freeway. And I honestly recommend it to all those who want to embrace green transportation and a green living in general. We also have very well qualified guides available to accompany you on guided bush walks in the morning or afternoon.
Our rangers will show you as many animals as possible and help identify the different animals, birds, tracks and plants while on your walk.

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