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There are a lot of mobile apps and other tools for tracking your weight loss, but do you always have your phone with you at the time that you typically check your weight each day? If you do not have Excel, or do not need to customize the weight loss log, you can download one of the 2 printable weight loss logs below in PDF format.
The logs include columns for recording your weight, the amount of time you've exercised (the 'Exe' column), and the number of calories consumed during the day (the 'Cal' column). Printable Weight Loss Chart - at - Includes columns for calorie intake and other info.

Disclaimer: The worksheet and information on this page should not be treated as medical advice. It is designed to be printed and folded along the center and middle so that you can keep it in a cabinet in your bathroom or wherever it is that you weigh yourself. It combines charts and other summary info along with a place to track activities, food, and weight. You should seek the advice of qualified professionals regarding medical, fitness, and health decisions.

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