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Website of the Telegraph Media Group with breaking news, sport, business, latest UK and world news. Kids have you ever wondered how your favorite media whore celebrity would look ten years into the future if they became solid committed alcoholics?
The app itself was initially designed for a Scottish government health drive and can be acquired on itunes or by going here.
That said here are some images that I plucked courtesy of the dailymail (they have other images I didn’t dare contend with) where one can observe for themselves the full effects of the committed drinker. As one can see with Angelina gone are the razor sharp cheekbones, and in are the red splotchy eyeballs, the hardening of her new found jowls (sorry Angelina, I'm puking with you too), in are the haggard lines around her splotchy face and for good measure hello to a few slivers of extra flesh around the chin. Forensic artist Joe Mullins took recent photographs of superstars and used the latest computer technology to predict how they might look in 2020. Flashback Friday: You won't believe the change in the Glaswegian teen who won the support of Sharon Osbourne on the hit TV show ten years ago. Back in the 2006 series, the teenager from Glasgow melted the hearts of Simon Cowel l and Sharon Osborne . READ MORE: The X Factory - what happened to all the Scots thrown up by the talent show conveyor belt? I spoke to the First Second staff about some of the most interesting parts of their jobs, and what goes on behind the scenes at the graphic novel publisher. Graphic novels are always going to be different to design and produce than prose novels or picture books because in them, art and text are so heavily integrated.  Rather than having a page with a single image, or a page full of text, every page is full of panels of art -- and people tend to be talking in most of them!  This means that all the pages have to be laid out and lettered individually, and therefore extensively designed, and that's a whole complicated process.
We print most of our books in China, which adds another whole dimension to our logistics, because China is pretty far away!  So the files go to China (where we work to use environmentally friendly paper and inks, and plant trees where they're cut down for paper production, because that's important to us) and then we get the books back . When the books are done, they go on that boat -- but a box or two of them also get shipped to our office directly!  Because the boats can take two-plus months to get to the US (depending on how stormy the seas are and also US Customs), that means we get those first books very early and have them to show off ahead of publication (and also to share with media contacts and our sales representatives who sell our books to stores around the country).  Those early books stand in the place of galleys (also called ARCs) because we find that with full-color graphic novels, we have a better response to our high-quality final book than a lower-quality piece.

Then the boat comes in, the books go to our warehouse, and from there they go out to readers! So when we get a final script from an author that doesn't already have an illustrator attached to it, the author and I will brainstorm some ideas of artists to ask about signing on for the project.
Cory: What European comics do you love that you could never sell to an American audience in translation, and why? Mark Siegel, First Second Editorial Director: I grew up in France, and French comics were how I first fell in love with the graphic novel medium.  That said, there are definitely some things that can fly in France that won't work in the US! Besides that, there are just some cultural differences -- mostly in kids comics -- that don't always make sense to translate.  For example, say you're telling a school story.
Starting up an online business can seem simple, especially when you stack it next to brick-and-mortar startups. Boing Boing uses cookies and analytics trackers, and is supported by advertising, merchandise sales and affiliate links. Content from the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph newspapers and video from Telegraph TV. Something that our hero Brad Pitt might not like too much as Angelina sets to her morning scotch. Kids I have got to say of the bat I have spent the last ten minutes looking at the before and after pictures and I really can't tell much of a difference.
You have full-color finished books months ahead of publication, rather than low-quality Advance Review Copies. We narrow down those lists to our top choices, and then either approach our top choice or reach out to a handful of artists for samples.
The biggest of those is nudity, which is more of a taboo here than it is in France.  French children's books will frequently feature a lot of nakedness, and it's tough to translate that to the American audience without readers having a subliminal 'INAPPROPRIATE!' sign that flashes across their brains when they see it.

The French school system is structured in a very different way than the US school system, and if knowing about exactly how that works is a major part of the book's plot, that book might not be the best for the US audience. Then again that oughtn't surprise us as Ronnie is a seasoned alcoholic and drug addict who has spent almost 70 years perfecting the effortless elan of a chain smoking Scotch drinking pill popping artiste. Can you talk me through the logistics of FS production, and how it differs from other Macmillan imprints and art book publishers? It varies book by book what sensibility we look for, so it's hard to give you specific things we're on the hunt for -- but an individual artistic style, great cartooning, and some experience tend to be always an asset. That said a new phone app that has just hit the market now allows one to install pictures of their favorite celebs and see for themselves. Not quite boyish good looking anymore (at last!) but still ruggedly handsome in a disheveled way.
If I could say one thing, drinking less for Ronnie might actually in his case take away from his looks. Although he might take some getting used to for Victoria, I think within time David will come to own this new image of himself and be happy he finally gave up the sit ups and finally committed to the complete abolition of self. After the show, Nikitta joined the X Factor tour and in Glasgow's appeared in panto as Cinderella Pavilion Theatre in 2007.

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