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What it is: Chromium is an essential trace element that enhances insulin's effects and is key in blood sugar metabolism. Joanne EglashHolistic Health ExaminerJoanne Eglash has more than 25 years of experience as a journalist and author.
Restorative exercise and the training effectFor athletes who are interested and proactive in the maintenance of their bodies, as well as those who are recuperating injuries, “restorative exercises” are part of the fitness regimen. Give A Dog A Dream embarks on mission to save livesThe Town of Huntington, NY will officially launch their “Give A Dog A Dream” foundation at the Huntington Honda showroom tomorrow. Dr Oz found the most important supplements that you aren’t taking, and why you need to take them! Dr Oz and Dr Julie Chen recommend chromium polynicotinate supplements in order to prevent diabetes, lose weight, and fix blood sugar levels. Dr Julie Chen said that as we age, we tend to absorb less nutrients from the foods that we eat.
Dr Oz said that a body deficient in chromium will hold on to the blood sugar and convert it to fat, causing an over production of insulin. Dr Chen has seen patients who take a chromium supplement with exercise and a proper diet go from pre-diabetes to normal range.
Dr Julie Chen said that having the a chromium supplement can increase muscle gain and help with weight loss. According to new research an ingredient found in a number of diet supplements could be potentially dangerous.
Chromium, an ingredient that has often been marketed to help consumers lose weight, while also helping to manage insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes has been shown by Australian scientists to convert into a cancer-causing chemical. In the study published in the journal Angewandte Chemie, the Australian scientists from the universities of Sydney and NSW found that living cells turn chromium III into its “carcinogenic cousin”, hexavalent chromium. It is this hexavalent chromium that was made famous during the film Erin Brockovich, as this was the chemical that was shown to cause cancerous tumours. During the research the team injected animal fat cells with chromium III, before then using an intense X-ray to map the chemical elements.
This allowed the researchers to look closely at the cells to see if they became carcinogenic.
While this research has shown that when chromium III is injected into animal cells they become carcinogenic this research is in its infancy.
Other organisations have concluded that chromium is safe to use, with the European Food Standards Authority and World Health Organisation evaluations stating as such.

It is always worth reading as much information as you can before using a supplement, as well as speaking to your doctor. Energy Foods that Actually Make You TiredSometimes when you are feeling tired and run down you ..
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6 Tricks to Get Rid of Water WeightThe human body is full of water, almost 70% of it to be .. In recent years, a number of studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of chromium in aiding healthy loss of weight. Reduces Body Fat Some placebo-controlled double blind studies have shown that chromium decreases body fat.
Improves Lean Muscle Mass Increasing the lean muscle mass is one of the best ways to rev up the sluggish metabolism and attain your ideal body mass index with ease. Reduces Insulin Resistance When your body cells do not respond to a small amount of insulin, excess insulin circulates in the blood. Studies show that it can help you lose fat while making your body more effective at lowering blood sugar. She's written articles, features, interviews, blogs, newsletters, and reviews for magazines such as Shape, Pregnancy and Success and for Web sites such as ediets and Yahoo. You can be nutrient deficient of chromium starting in your 30s, so it’s good to take this supplement.
He said that processed foods are a major reason that we aren’t getting the right amount of chromium. When you don’t have the right amount of chromium, you are at a higher risk for things like diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, weight gain and fat.
A body that has chromium, which can be taken as a pill, is able to turn the blood sugar into energy and utilize the nutrients properly.
Reduces Sugar Cravings Food cravings, especially craving for sugary treats and foods containing refined carbohydrates is a leading cause of overeating. Your body needs a small amount of chromium for metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, which helps in increasing the energy level. Studies have shown that apart from reducing the body fat, chromium helps in increasing the lean muscle mass.
As insulin also plays a role in fat storage, too much insulin in the blood boosts the body’s fat reserve.

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One study, for example, showed that women who took it lost more fat while preserving more muscle, while another study showed that it can help with insulin resistance while improving the symptoms of diabetes. Dr Chen cautioned against taking more than this dose because you can see skin flushing, rash and nausea. As the fluctuating blood sugar levels triggers sugar cravings, by stabilizing the blood sugar level, chromium helps in suppressing sugar cravings. It helps in boosting your stamina and endurance so that you can exercise for a longer time and burn calories essential for losing weight. Hence, increasing intake of chromium rich foods or chromium supplementation can help in getting rid of the unwanted body fat. Mehmet Oz explained why this natural supplement can enhance your health, from speeding up fat loss to helping with diabetes.
Although small amounts are present in foods such as romaine lettuce, meat and whole grains, most of us do not get enough through food.
Having a high stress job or life means you may not be getting all of the nutrients you need to keep going. She said that it’s like cooking with sticks and matches versus cooking with a stove, everything goes faster and more efficiently.
If you have diabetes and are on medication, you should talk with your doctor to get the dosage right. Therefore, if you are not following a balanced diet, you may develop chromium deficiency, which, according to recent studies, is a cause of unwanted weight gain.Adult men usually need 35 mcg of chromium daily and 25 mcg of chromium per day is usually considered sufficient for adult women.
Also, a high sugar diet will keep you from getting the essential nutrients and holding on to them. However, this minimum recommended dietary allowance may not suffice to speed up weight loss, which necessitates chromium supplementation. If you have diabetes or are pre-diabetic, talk with your doctor about the possible benefits and, if recommended, about how much to take.

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