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You can get ab definition by building lean muscle mass and committing to a solid nutritional program.
Hands down, the very best program we have ever found to progressively lose belly fat and increase lean muscle mass is The Truth About Six Pack Abs by natural bodybuilder, Mike Geary.Why? It doesn't take much observation to see Mike is a living example of his best-selling The Truth About Six pack Abs program.He has disciplined himself to be conscious of what he eats.

It takes mental commitment to nutrition, building lean muscle mass in the weight room, and structuring your cardio like a professional or Olympic athlete.It is no secret that women are attracted to lean, taut-looking men. Mike's entire focus is for you to learn how your body works, how fat is burned, how muscle is gained, and how to keep from sabotaging yourself along the way.There is NO promise of building slabs of lean muscle in 8 weeks.

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