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The best exercise for weight loss for me eventually became a mix of resistance training, cardiovascular exercise and stretching. My own personal experiences have taught me that there are no a€?secreta€? belly fat exercises or ab crunches or special stomach crunches alone that will help you magically lose stomach fat.
Any activity thata€™s fun for you wona€™t feel so much like hard core, nose to the grind exercise, so the best exercise to lose weight for YOU should include a balance of both.

Questions & Answers about menopause and exercise, best exercise for menopausal women, the benefits of exercise during menopause and avoiding weight gain during menopause. Ab exercise machines can help you avoid neck and back strain associated with doing ab crunches. I began to lose my extra body fat, and more importantly my stomach fat and I began to feel much better both physically and emotionally.

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