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So I remember some time ago coming across the Jordan Juice Diet and testing it for my own curiosity and rather liking it.
I am sure many of you know Katie Price or Jordan as the annoying glamour model and this was the exact diet she followed to lose weight for her wedding to Peter Andre after the birth of her second son. It works by replacing two out of the three of your daily meals with the juice and you can see rapid weight losses after a week on the diet and even sooner. So I decided as it fits in with my lifestyle so well and is something completely different why not. I also have been a fan of certain speed foods that help with weight loss and this fits in with this very well. I am also curious as to how many calories I will end up consuming with such rapid results from these kind of diets.
So the plan is for it to replace breakfast which I must confess to never having and my evening meal. And I like the idea of how many of your five a day get used in this diet which will be even better. Place the avocado and remaining half an apple in a blender, together with the juice mixture and ice. If you don’t have a juicer and just a blender like us blend everything and then add tripe the ice at the end and you will end up with the correct consistency and it will taste amazing. It is Monday morning and I am still mad over my weight gain and the fact that I was right my body really does need exercise.
I had burger and chips for dinner followed by a magnum that was amazing and I am all full up now and looking forward to more of the smoothies! After having my juice for breakfast and while Dominic is steaming our salmon and vegetables I finally take the plunge and have a go at the Jordan DVD Workout. Though I must confess I couldn’t manage the full hour and how on earth am I supposed to do these killer abs and get my body off the ground. Day three already and then say like with giving up smoking that the third day is the day you want to get past if you want to see the future. The afternoon was tough with food on the brain – yet I admit I am rather liking the smoothie and it would be a shame to give it up!
So the plan was after that to have something sweet as giving up my tiny five squares of dark chocolate on a night is getting to me. So that is my big pig out feast of the week and today its back to my favourite salmon and broccoli for dinner washed down with more smoothie for dinner this evening. I swim way too much and now feel like I am falling asleep while I am typing1 I can’t believe I have swam more than I normally do and have had a lot less calories. Because of my weight loss disasters in the past though I am worried that come Monday morning I will have lost a really small amount.
I am very anxious as you hear about great things with these extreme diets but at the same time I don’t feel like I have pushed myself enough with my exercise. So there I am on the wii fit waiting for the weight to come up and there it is a 2.2 kilos weight loss making me 13 stone 9 and a mega weight loss this week of five pounds. And over the last 7 days I have had 3140.32 and an average of 449 calories a day after what I have burnt.
And to me is very low and it makes me glad that I have a five pound weight loss to make up for the lack of calories and what I have put my body through over the past 7 days. Jason Vale is the guy in the video with Jordan showing her how to create the juices and is the master behind the Juice Diet. During my week doing the Katie Price Juice Diet I also followed her original workout DVD which also includes a juicing session with Jason Vale and you can find out about it on the link below. Now the most important thing to have is a juicer so that you can make lovely smoothies at home and the one I used is Philips HR1861 Whole Fruit Juicer and it does what it says on the tin. The diet was first developed in 1992 by the owner’s father and at first they just wanted to spread the word about the benefits of the plant based lifestyle but due to its magic healing effect. FREE, Simple Weekly Meal Plans, recipe book, Volume 1 – features 28 days worth of quick-to-cook, full course delicious meal customized recipes.
A Raw Food diet is generally made up fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouted seeds and grains, dried fruit and juices, rolled or flaked grains, natural herbs and flavors.

Raw food diet plan weight-loss is one of the most popular trends in the fat burning market, however it’s not the very best choice for everyone. The greatest mistakes people make once they switch to the raw food plan is treating it similar to a crash diet. In today’s article we will tell you about the best detox juice recipes for weight loss. This drink can be drunk as a complex with a detox diet and just turn it into a normal nutrition. This the best detox juice recipes for weight loss is completely cleansing your body of toxins, other than that; it is very pleasant to the taste. Though we are going back many years and the weight loss industry has changed so much since then. Many of us work in offices and have to prepare tuna salads and other things can be so difficult but having a juice in a spare water bottle would be a piece of cake. Through this challenge my opion has been to take the best points of all the diets around and make my own that I love.
Which is great for some extra exercise and as a swimming addict top of my to do list when we are in the August heat which topped 38 degrees today!
I have a lot of work to get done today in the world of blogging and internet marketing so it is rather nice to have two of my meals (my juice meals) prepared already! I last tried this back in 2007 so I am a bit rusty and I have forgotten how tiring this is. While my boys tucked into my homemade meatballs with tomato sauce I had what can only be described as green mush. I am replacing my breakfast and lunch today because tonight we are going to an evening festival and want to enjoy the local Portuguese food and would go crazy if I had to miss it. And I must admit that I feel really thick now and my teeth are a little on the yellow side. I would normally be working on a Sunday but can’t manage it and spend the day sat on the sofa watching DVDs.
And my posts are all about be battling the pounds and getting back to the size 10 I was when I met my husband 13 years ago. With food consumption you share some awesome info-graphic describe different required exercise.
Thousands of people have used their diet plan and become healthy now, then they spread the word to their friends which makes the diet become one of the most popular diets on the market. According to feedbacks from thousands of its users, the Hallelujah diet program will change your life dramatically especially for people who have diabetes, Crohns, cardiovascular diseases or authritis . With the program, you will not only offered the articles, seminars, events, courses, you will have your personal consultant. While it can assist you slim down rapidly, the raw food diet can drain the body of nutrients if you do not follow it properly. You’ve to offer your body time to adapt to declining to consume meat or any cooked food prior to you make any extreme changes for your existing diet. Put simply, all green veggies and natural herbs are alkalizing although some nuts, seeds and fruits are slightly acid forming. Your food needs to be fresh and scrumptious, if you wish to gain benefits from it and you want to slim down. From it you can do detox cocktail of the following ingredients: 3 stalks celery, 1 apple, 1 beet. Maximum effect of weight loss when using the best detox juice recipes for weight loss you get only in combination with a detox diet. LA Weight Loss is a weight loss program associated with the reduced calorie ingestion along with nutrition supplements, personal counseling and behavior modification and also giving counseling. When Katie Price followed it she also had 4 days with exercise so I will also be doing this. So if I enjoy this juicing diet I may use it as a way for me to have my five a day and breakfast on a regular basis.
Many people assume that it always tastes of cold soup but that couldn’t be further from the truth even if it does look like pea soup!

Frankly doing Zumba is less active and I feel absolutely exhausted and don’t know how I am going to manage working for the rest of the day. I didn’t feel starving hungry or anything it was just the smell of the meatballs drifting down the hallway knowing I couldn’t have any! So we had a kebab and chips at a Portuguese stall and thankfully they are not the size of the traditional English kebabs and to the non-Portuguese the best way to describe them is like a small wrap. I come across pizza’s in a cone and it looks delightful and I have never seen them before they are just fascinating so we end up with one each. When I sit by the pool it has the same atmosphere of when you are on holiday at a hotel swimming pool and it gives you the total holiday vibe thing. Really not sure this is for me but it is a brilliant kick start for getting your weight moving.
Especially if you are looking for variety and don’t want to just be tied to this green smoothie like me! You will feel the power to thrive by having the raw, living foods, cleansing waters and pure natural juices. In addition, it consists of alkalizing minerals which assists in quickening weight reduction. The composition of detoxification programs includes a special diet, the rate of rejuvenating and relaxation procedures. The desired effect of detoxification and weight loss can be achieved if you drink the juice puree twice a day. The main course tropical detox the following: 1 cup of yogurt without sugar and additives, half a cup of juice of fresh pineapple juice, 1 banana, half a cup of fresh orange juice. Through this mix of juices, the metabolism is accelerated, and the extra pounds just disappear before your eyes. Main Features (1) It does not prompt you to eat the prepared food (2) Recommendations for dining out (3) Long-established brand and reputation (4) No food restrictions (5) No calorie counting (6) Personalized counseling So they sell supplements right? You could eat raw nuts, seeds, raw and dried veggies, raw fish like sashimi, treated fish, ceviche or cold smoked fish. If your body features an alkaline pH, you can accomplish long-lasting and healthy weight reduction.
If you drink juice at least twice a day, you will notice how it will saturate you with energy and improve metabolism.
This the best detox juice recipes for weight loss cocktail has a cleansing effect and nourishes the body with vitamins. Sweet grapefruit can also be used, although the effect is the best cocktail of sour grapefruit. Yes, they sell exclusive brand of nutritional supplements, juices, snacks, bars etc from the company. You may also go for raw soups of cucumber, some extremely foods, raw meats (steak tartar and filet American), sprouted breads, tortilla wraps, bagels, raw cakes, alcoholic drinks, healthy smoothies, cookies, juices, snacks etc.
You can test the alkaline pH by yourself utilizing pH test strips which are easily offered in the market. You simply need to make sure that everything you eat is unprocessed, uncooked and raw anyhow.
The process  Before undergoing this program clients must fill out a detailed questionnaire about the eating habits and how much the client attached with foods.
Nutritional recommendations Sodium is restricted to 2,100 mg per day sugars and sweets are avoided Caffeine is allowed but alcoholic beverages are restricted to three times a week. Starches 2 Servings Daily 1 slice diet bread, 1 rice cake, medium baked potato , cup brown or white Fats 2 Servings Daily one tablespoon diet margarine, one tablespoon diet mayonnaise Protein Snacks 2 Servings Daily MyFit Conclusion MyFit cannot recommend this diet plan because their are too many other alternatives out there to reduce your weight without spending a fortune on bars, juice, and ready to eat meals.

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