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Such fine weather is very suitable to do some gardening, you can not only enjoy the flowers and the comfort, but also in the1 hours of fat burning295 calories, not shoot two hawks with one arrow. Golf is a leisure sport, although the movement of the at the same time you will be closer to nature, and kept walking were capable of efficient combustion heat. If you and your friends in the country to hold the BBQ party, enjoy the potatoes and corn, find a gap to play old frisbee is a good choice. Pepper, who let you love and hate the guy, let you try to stop but cannot however, sweating, its exquisite body wrapped in a burning fire, is in the vegetables most passionate and enthusiastic role.
Cinnamon this we usually do not hear things, is actually a very famous one of medicinal materials, it has for dispelling cold and relieving pain, activating blood flow effect, but also can make the fat cells to insulin ( insulin response increased in the process of eating is the important element of heat effect ), and accelerate the consumption of heat from. Daily life in many girls are afraid to close the garlic, there are actually good for weight loss. Many years ago," around", now it is rarely visited the radish, is actually a slimming products st..

Seafood, sushi with Wasabi will not only makes you runny nose, more slow growth of fatty tissue magic. Usually in the stew put some cinnamon, can make food taste delicious, but also thin, what is there against it?? Because food garlic are positive, can help increase the new supersedes the old., and diuresis, antihypertensive efficacy.
Mustard eat easily varied, can use the green tea powder, mustard powder to drink water, also can be in salads with mustard, more directly to the mustard on to thin place, covered with cling film to transpiration. International Journal of obesity, published a study that, ginger can make experimental animal consumed more calories, to help reduce weight.
Garlic can be hit into juice in a tea drink, can also use the garlic and ginger, rice to cook porridge drink. If the fear of eating garlic mouth stink, you can put some tea in the mouth for a while, it will automatically disappear.

In addition the radish itself contains fewer calories, the cellulose more, eat easy to make sense of fullness, these are beneficial to the body.
In fact, the onion can not only thin, can detox, accurate, it is through Detox to achieve weight-loss purposes. Entrance to spicy onion can not only help the body detox, can promote intestinal peristalsis, excess fat will be discharged in vitro.

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