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We tell you about the pro’s and cons of each product, the amount of weight you can realistically expect to lose, and the money back guarantees on offer.
We only recommend the safest and most natural weight loss products to keep you slim – and healthy. All of the pills we reviewed, Phen375, Proactol Plus & Capsiplex were the top 3 performers.
Phen375 is safe to take, boosts your energy levels, and can help you lose up to 5lbs in weight per week. Our number 1 editors choice diet pill, Phen375 is a hugely popular diet pill for both women & men that is produced in an FDA approved pharmaceutical laboratory in the USA. Released to widespread acclaim in 2009, Phen375 is 100% legal and contains a combination of several powerful fat-burning ingredients. Finally, and very importantly, Phen375 will suppress your appetite, meaning you don’t need huge willpower, or endless hours of exercise in order to see some amazing results. Using Phen375 will mean that you body should be much more effective at burning fat, as well as better at stimulating muscle tissue building. If you feel that Phen375 isn’t suited to your own particular circumstances, then Proactol Plus is our #2 choice for weight loss.
If you are unwilling, or medically unable to take oral medicine (such as a diet pill) then there is a good weight loss alternative that doesn’t require any pills at all. Please note that our #1 choice for weight loss, Phen375 is a pharmaceutical grade diet pill that works fast, and is one of the most powerful diet pills available without prescription.  It can seriously kick start your weight loss program, but it will be even more effective with a good diet and exercise program. The official Phen375 website also currently offers free extensive diet plans for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, as well as weight loss videos videos for men and women. Our Diet Pill Reviews will help you find the diet pills that work and avoid the ones that don't. TrimThin SR, a Revolutionary Sustained-Release Diet Pill, is the Top-Rated Diet and Weight Loss Support Product! At Real Diet Pill Reviews we look at a few different criteria that we have found to be critical in determining whether a diet pill is good, bad or just plain ugly.
Is there scientific evidence that the ingredients used in the diet pill are effective for weight loss? What is the history and current customer relations reputation of the company selling the diet pills? Liporidex PM is a stimulant-free fat burner that claims to be scientifically formulated to control hunger and to help to burn fat during sleep.
It can speed up metabolism and increase the energy, help the body to burn fat and remove deposited fat quickly. Fortunately there are also some very effective options available that DO work, and are perfectly 100% safe to use.
Unlike many other weight loss products this ensures that Phen375 is produced to the highest possible standards using the finest ingredients available.
These work to super-charge your body’s metabolism, break down fatty tissue, and lead to a decreased ability for your body to be able to actually store fat.

Using Phen375 will keep your cravings under control, which is so important in any sustainable weight loss program.
Proactol Plus is an excellent fat binder, as we like it because it is fast working, has an excellent money back guarantee, and is safe to take. I have tried a few different diet pills over the years (I agree with your negative review of Alli – it gave me gas!). Although Proactol Plus (& Capsiplex) are very effective, we often find that people who want to lose 20lbs or more in weight quickly go for Phen375 first (as it is pretty much the strongest fat burner you can buy without prescription. I have tried Proactol Plus in the past and it didn’t work at all for me (I used it for around 5 weeks).
I liked the diet pills that work fast comparison table, but wondered why Capsiplex is included if you are not happy with the guarantees it has (or lack of) incomparison to PHEN375 and Proactol. We do try to be fair in our diet pills that work fast table to mention any negative points that we feel are important, and there are lots of weight loss products (acai berry related in particular) that we have not included in our review because we are just not happy with them. I have tried Phen375 and really have to say that it really is one of the best diet pills that work fast!
We know better than anyone else which pills are the duds and which ones actually help you to lose weight, get ripped or both. Check out our Diet Pill Reviews, or click on the links above for other diet pills online information. TrimThin is a first of its kind weight loss nutraceutical that gradually releases its ingredients into the body for up to 5 hours. To answer this question we look deep into the history of the diet pill ingredients, seeking sound scientific and statistical clinical trials and clinically-based research that support or disprove their abilities to whip the fat away. Most of the time we find that although a diet pill contains an ingredient that promotes weight loss, there is not enough of it to have an effect. We try to never promote a diet pill that has been sold by a company with a bad reputation, be it for spamming, lawsuits, false advertising, poor customer care and so on.
Our Top 3 diet pills for 2012 will help you to lose weight and get the body you always wanted. You can see our in-depth critique of this popular weight loss product at our Proactol Plus Review Page. Although we think that this is one of the best diet pills currently available, we would much prefer it if it came with a money back guarantee like Phen375 and Proactol Plus. There is excellent help at hand if you want it – buy 3 bottles of Phen375, and get 1 free!. I occasionally use Proactol Plus when I want to drop 8 – 10 pounds or more (usually before the summer holiday) – It really works.
Always tough to choose between trying out the pills for only 1 month, or saving money overall and really going for it via one the bulk order deals. The reason why we recommend several different products is that all men and women are made differently, and have different genetics.
There is an awful amount of positive press about Capsiplex, and tests have been very positive.

I lost around 13lbs in 2 months combined with increased walking and laying off the burgers..! As a note, many diet pill companies publish bogus clinical studies about their drugs and we love nothing more than to expose these false claims so that no one falls victim to their lies.
Some diet pill ingredients have to be consumed in such large quantities to promote weight loss that the pill would be enormous, and so would the cost. We look into the practices of every company, helping you avoid the bad ones and sending you to ones that deserve your patronage.
Nevertheless, there is some excellent customer feedback on this product, as well as some special offer deals on our Capsiplex Review Page.
I have a friend who dropped over 22 lbs with Phen375 in around 4 months, but I don’t use this myself as I have never needed to lose too much weight.
I have used Phen375 & Proactol Plus previously (never come across Capsiplex until now).
What’s the point of recommending diet pills that work fast if they don’t actually work?!! Basically some people will naturally respond really well to Phen375 (for example) but not so well to Proactol Plus. TrimThin SR sustained release formula includes clinically-proven ingredients that provide all-day support for your diet and exercise programs.
We expose the diet pills that may have great ingredients, but not enough of them to help you lose the pounds.
Once you get to your target weight, stop taking the pills, and save them for a time you may need them!
My opinion is that Phen375 is a little stronger than Proactol Plus, but also a little more expensive.
Although the vast majority of people should lose weight with any of the diet pills recommended here, sometimes you have to try two or three different products before you find the one that really suits your body. Out of the hundreds of diet pills available we have tried to chose the best 3 , which in our opinion are easy to use, understand and are fairly priced.
However, Proactol Plus & Capsiplex are very close in standard, so it makes sense to check out the cheapest deals on offer, and try the cheapest diet pill first!
I agree that Capsiplex should offer a guarantee, and we thought long and hard before we included them in our listings. However, there is so much good publicity and evidence for Capsiplex at the moment that makes it very hard to ignore. The producers of this diet pill also make Nuratrim and Meratol, so they are a major, and well respected producer. I know it would be easier for us not to mention the potential downside to any diet pill that works fast, but we are trying to be honest here!

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