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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. A beauty queen who beat the bulge and dropped four dress sizes has offered advice to others battling with their weight.Nadina Knight, 24, the newly crowned Miss Northampton, was tipping the scales at 16 stone thanks to an unhealthy diet based on fast food and alcohol before an unflattering Facebook photo persuaded her to make a change. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Watch this presentation to know some of the best diet tips for weight loss in Hindi language. The grim photos, taken on her 20th birthday, made her realise how much weight she had gained and a confrontation with her mother brought matters to a head. So over the next three years it gradually fell off.'I also go to the gym about three times a week.
She hasn't seen me for 13 years so at first she didn't even recognise me.'It was such an amazing trip.
And being able to go for six days over Christmas, when her birthday fell on Christmas Eve, was so lucky, it was fate.'Now Nadina is pursuing a singing career as well as working with Miss England.

This is such an easy rule to stick to and I noticed the difference almost immediately - less bloating and more energy.'2.
Don't skip meals: 'Three meals a day and plenty of water will stop you unnecessarily snacking. Try and eat things that will keep you fuelled longer in the mornings such as porridge or muesli with skimmed milk, then try a heavy salad or chicken and vegetables for lunch. Drinks count too: 'We often forget that what we are drinking is just as important as our food diet.
Have fun: 'Don't jeopardise your social life, remember you can still pick healthy options when eating out. A favourite of mine is the Arrosto salad at Prezzo, packed full of artichokes, sun dried tomatoes and chicken and do remember alcohol can heavily contribute to weight gain (this was one of my biggest downfalls when I was at my heaviest) and can have a detrimental affect on your skin, liver and overall health.'5. We love a croissant in the morning or cheese and crackers after dinner but these create the fatty pockets we all hate. Instead enjoy good fats in moderation and try switching your regular cooking oil for olive oil.'6.

Stay active: 'An active lifestyle will keep you in shape but even if you're busy and feel you don't have time for the gym, try home-work outs. Plank and side plank is always a must for me, Bicycles to work your obliques, crunches to work your upper abs, full sit ups to work everything and leg raises to work your lower abs.'8.
Keep your quads toned too - try lunges, which are easy to do at home and a great exercise for toned thighs.9. Inner thighs and bum: 'To keep these toned I do 'Sumo' squats, which are your normal squat but with hands out in front and feet pointing outwards slightly. Running: 'I make excuses all the time about this one but it's so easy to go for a quick run around your local area.

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