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Last week has been difficult for me to remain on track with my workout and diet as went to Germany for a business trip for 4 days, and always when travelling eating right is one of the hardest tasks to full fill especially when you have limited food options and are obliged to eat out. Last trip has been extra hard for me as had days when I knew I am not going to see anything healthy for whole day (indeed, had offered just pizza for lunch) which was dreadful so I just did not touch it. Yes, this is snapshot of my pochette, I knew when I won’t have time to eat properly so I ensured there is a fruit with me for a loss of sugar or snack craving on a plane. I drink loads of liquids:  water and green tea- another good alternative of coffee and sugary drinks. Remember that nothing is worse than liquid calories which cleverly sneaks in and ruins your all good intentions to remain in line with your eating schedule – so pay attention. One of my tips to travelling is always to walk everywhere as much as possible, take stairs in airport, instead of escalator and explore the hotel surroundings between meetings if time allows to keep moving and avoid snacking from minibar. However this Tuesday, she was papped while travelling to New York for Kanye’s Yeezy Season 3 show. It looks like you are already a member of one of our other great sites (Woman's Day NZ, Womens Fitness, Australian Beauty Awards, Mother & Baby Awards, Cosmo, Cleo, Australian Beauty Awards 2012, TechLife, Australian Geographic, Cougar Portal, Empire, Shop Til You Drop, 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty 2012, Health and Wellbeing Weekend, Elle, Home, Food and Wine). In these terms and conditions, "we", "us" and "our" means Bauer Media Limited (ABN 18 053 273 546), of Level 2, 54 Park Street, Sydney NSW 2000. We may from time to time and without notice, vary, modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, any or all of the Website. We have not reviewed any of the sites linked to the Website and are not responsible for the content or accuracy of any off-site pages or any other sites linked to the Website.
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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not start or join conversations with likeminded women. But above all, join us as part of a community of women showing that life after 50 can be fabulous!
We all know as women in our 50s and beyond that it gets harder to get and stay fit, so how do we make sure we don’t undo our good work when we travel? 7. Many business meetings provide lots of temptation- mentally practice avoiding the diet breakers. 9. Walking or running through a new town is a great way to sight-see, and the run or walk will seem to go by more quickly as you focus on new surroundings. 10. Make a pact with yourself to avoid the fast food temptations in the airport and offered on flights. Why not become a fan on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Youtube or Pinterest and enjoy our RSS feed.
If there’s one thing that just about everyone struggles with while travelling, it has to be keeping to your regular work out and healthy eating routine. For me it has been always an extra hard task to do to watch out to those calories and find the right food and combinations to stick as close to possible to my eating schedule or to close as to daily caloric intake as possible. To make matters worse I got to the dinner only at 20:00, luckily for me I had predicted something similar to happen so had an apple and a power bar with me to resist the day. However, pay attention to bananas carrying around all day – it will get smashed and squeezed and will destroy your bag and everything in it!

If you want to see it for yourself how hard you have to workout to lose those bad kcal taken so easily – check it out 15 exercises to burn off calories taken by that junk food and you will definitely realize you do not want it anymore. Imagine yourself at beach this summer, imagine you reaching your fitness goals and keep this image in your mind when will have a snack craving. Not easy to stick to diet while travelling but doing my best to keep reaching my fitness goals despite this trip made me lose some progress and gain some weight anyway . Follow a few simple rules to swear by while travelling that offer some exercise and healthy food choices. Water is your best friend to help with jet lag, sleep deprivation and to ward off any cold or flu bugs that are always hanging around planes. That way if I get hungry during a shopping trip or at the airport I’ll always know I have something healthy and satisfying on-hand. They are vegan and gluten-free and have 16g of protein, so it tides me over until I can reach the hotel or have a proper sit-down meal.2.
Just be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes so you’re not cursing yourself at the end of the day.

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