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But one question you need to ask yourself is: “How do I feel being on this diet?” What does it do for your energy levels and your hunger levels? We used to not have to think about what to eat that much, and now it seems like we’re forced to think about it all the time. A 2010 study of 390 people published in Appetite looked at dietary complexity and adherence.
And that’s the same conclusion that Jutta Matta and her research team at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development came to in a 2007 article published in Appetite. Because if you make it too complex, you’re less likely to stick to the diet long-term, which results in going off the diet and often rebounding with overeating and gaining back all the weight you lost. Be careful with choosing a diet that is all about cutting things out of your life, as this is not a healthy mindset. And it’s not just fat, sugar, carbs and gluten that get cut, but the time of day you’re allowed to eat. This is a problem because …? Food should be a source of enjoyment, and placing a bunch of unrealistic and unnecessary restrictions on what we can eat, how much we can eat, and when we can eat it creates a mentality where food transforms from being a welcome friend to a detested enemy. Eating is one of the most natural behaviors humans have, and creating a complex set of rules to be followed for something that we do several times a day, every day of our lives quickly becomes tiresome. You may find yourself carefully measuring calories, points, carbohydrates, protein and fat where food gets transformed into numbers. This is a problem because …? Rigidly controlling what you eat causes you to become fixated on what you eat.
And cheating creates a downward spiral of negative emotions that leads to more cheating, until it’s just another failed diet. This is a problem because …? It all serves to reinforce how unsustainable this new diet is.
National Center for Health Statistics, “Health, United States, 2012: With Special Feature on Emergency Care,” Hyattsville, MD.
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Leah Kalm and Richard Semba, “They Starved So That Others Be Better Fed: Remembering Ancel Keys and the Minnesota Experiment,” The Journal of Nutrition, 135, no.
Meet James James Fell is an internationally syndicated fitness columnist whose work is read by millions each month. Bigg Boss Season 5 Finalists: Pros and Cons of finalists Amar, Juhi, Mehak, Siddharth, Sky. The DASH diet, Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension is currently recommended by the American Heart Association.
A 2008 study in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that among 88,517 women who were followed for 24 years, the DASH diet was associated with a lower risk of coronary heart disease and stroke in middle age. The 22-person volunteer panel that chose the diets included Brian Wansink of the Cornell University Food and Brand lab, Dr. Pac-12 College Football: Oregon Ducks Football 2011 Schedule (5) Rebecca Black still trending: ‘Friday’ Youtube Video got 16 million hits (3) Miley Cyrus And Taylor Swift Performed At Nashville Rising (2) Christina Aguilera fluffed national anthem in Super Bowl XLV!
At the end of a 5 year study, researchers concluded that participants who followed the Mediterranean diet reduced their heart disease risk by 30%. What’s great about the Mediterranean diet is that the food choices and meal options are full of flavorful choices, which allows dieters to enjoy their food, feel satisfied, and be more likely to stick to this way of eating. While this diet seems great for preventing heart disease, it doesn’t always lead to weight loss.
However, those that stick to pure forms of the Mediterranean diet involving moderation, portion control and dominant in fresh fruits and vegetables are usually slender. Those wishing to lose weight with this diet will have to practice moderation and portion control when it comes to calorie dense foods like pasta, bread, desserts, and wine. The New Sonoma Diet is a popular American version of the Mediterranean diet that focuses on improved cardiovascular health as well as weight loss. I think this paints a bit too idealized view of the health habits of at least of Greece, where I lived for two years 30 years ago. Each January, being the season of New Year’s resolutions, it is common to find people you know discussing the pros and cons of various dietary pursuits. The second  piece of content is a video lecture titled Sugar: The Bitter Truth, by Robert H. Now despite what you may think, my point is not to convince you that these guys have it right. One of the primary issues with complex systems is that people draw misleading conclusions regarding cause and effect of certain variables and how they relate to the overall system. Last year when I decided that I was going to make the leap from sprint triathlons to half Ironman I sat down and really thought through the whole process. So I sat down and did a *ton* of reading about diets, food, and how endurance athletes eat.
It is clear that a calorie is not a calorie and that there are balance issues, but in general you do, actually, have to take fewer in than you burn if you want to lose weight. I spent the next year losing 55 lbs (woot me) by eating a bit better every day -> whole grains over processed, eliminating almost everything processed from my diet (makes travel hard, let me tell you), eliminating most chemicals, reducing simple carbs, learning to really watch and understand what I was eating, etc. The minor realization I came to in spring was that I really have to replace my calories, especially my proteins, after exercise.
It may sound conspiracy theorist, but look at all of the interests that would be hurt of the government actually did all the research and constructed proper dietary restriction guidelines and schools started to follow them – radical changes in industry. First of all, I am a big fan of your very thoughtful blog and your investment work in general.
3) The Atkins diet has failed to produce the promised results, otherwise it would be incredibly popular by now. I am happy to take this off-line to telephone or private e-mail if you are curious about more.
Also- while on a slightly different subject but since you are reading cool stuff about healthcare and the impact it is having our our society, you should check out Atul Gawande’s articles in The New Yorker. Good stuff though- thoroughly enjoyable blog and I just got all of your recommendations which will eat up my weekend.
My favorite example of the complex system that is routinely underestimated is tax code and the US economy. This is all part of a quite different set of arguments, of course, but for anyone who likes to think the real world is fairly obviously made of detectable matter and energy, gravity should give pause for thought. I agree, there is an intrinsic ambiiguity in very complex systems that seems to defy capturing them in a single model.
There are political and rhetorical reasons I think for emphasizing one model over the other, and seeing the alternative as the root of various evils, but the reality I think is that there is a lot going on and individual learning based on our own body and habits tends to do better for most of us in the long run than picking one of these models over the other to focus on. Speaking of which, tell Peter I’ll be near Jackson in two weeks, and happy to show him what extreme (skiing) looks like.
You may be surprised, if you read Taubes he makes it very clear that he is #1, disagreeing with the previous claim, and that #2, his stuff needs further testing.
Just because these writers are pushing ideas that are unconventional, doesn’t make them extreme.
Hey Bill, great post, I’ve been thinking a lot about this stuff lately and similarly found Taubes and Lustig to be the most insightful thinkers on the topic.
Amazing piece from WeChat product manager unlocking what is real & not about messaging, bots, etc. Many people are willing to commit to your health and follow a healthy and balanced diet that strengthens defenses and provide the body with essential nutrients. There are so many myths, many fad diets and so on allegedly deceptive advertising products slimming and full of additives and toxic substances, which is really difficult to know what information is correct and accurate. So let’s see how to create our own diet considering and reviewing some basic principles which foods are most beneficial in the kitchen, how much and how to distribute them throughout the day. In general, with respect to nutrients is essential to understand that proteins , fats , carbohydrates , vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients all the body needs to survive. Needless to say that all those foods that are canned, processed, packaged, etc … have lost lots of nutrients (if not most). Of course, it is essential to consume extra virgin olive oil as essential for cooking and salad dressings element, as has been done in the traditional Mediterranean diet . Our view is that there are no generalized diets for everyone, because everyone is different and you do not feel good the same things. Cooked vegetables (steamed better, little facts and simmer) provide a good supply of nutrients and promote digestion of any nutrient. The brown rice is definitely the king of cereals and foundation of a healthy and balanced diet. Twice a week should take fish ecological, noon and combined with plenty of vegetables (salad or vegetables).
Once a week can incorporate meat diet but, yes, raised organically, ie natural fodder and outdoors. Apart from the aforementioned grains, we can incorporate into the diet occasionally grains such as oats and millet. Best combined with legume (2 parts for 1 cereal legume) and with vegetables on salad or steamed.
As we have seen, the legume is a delicacy to be made ??to the diet two or three times a week combined with cereal in the proportions mentioned.
And vegetables with no problem, as it contains a greater abundance of complex carbohydrates (polysaccharides sugars), fruit contains a large amount of simple sugars that increase blood glucose levels. Some nuts and seeds are the source of many essential nutrients (possess great wealth of vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals), so it is advisable to introduce in the diet regularly but sparingly, particularly those who have no physical wear and carry sedentary. It also includes elements probiotics such as yeast (great nutritional importance, especially vitamins and minerals), miso, tempeh, horchata of groundnuts, kefir or yogurt .
Industrial food animals (including sausages, meats , seafood, organ meats, eggs, etc.) contain numerous chemical additives that alter its taste, shelf life and appearance, contain hormones and antibiotics that the animals are treated, which have been treated with unethical industrial processes. In this category we include the vast majority of products you find in conventional supermarkets, ie, any processed product containing additives and preservatives, which has lost its vital elements, which have been manipulated or converted from its original and natural way.
This category includes white salt , refined sugar, refined grains, artificial sweeteners , etc. Besides the problem with GM , many professional voices to numerous diseases related to the consumption of these cereals (especially with industrial methods today). Well, now that we are clear about which foods are healthier to develop a balanced diet and when to take them, it’s time to take a look at some basic issues of food hygiene (tips, habits and practices to eat well) and get down to work to develop a proposal healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner . The easiest and tastiest diet is the Mediterranean diet because it offers a wide variety of dishes which come from all the Mediterranean countries.

If you like to drink something during dinner or when you go out you are allowed just as long as you drink in moderation. When you eat in the morning you can have a little bit of everything: you can have some fruit, you can eat a small piece of cheese and some bread. It is a joy to follow the Mediterranean diet because it has so many tasty dishes that you can choose from.
There are so many diets available today for those that are overweight, that it can easily get confusing to choose between them. If you are a soon-to-be mom you need to take into account that what you eat can affect your well-being along with your baby's development. We are well aware of the fact that a healthy life requires both a balanced diet and regular physical activity. If you like bananas we are going to teach you how to lose weight with the banana diet an unusual diet we have to say. One of the side-effects of mothers leaving the kitchen in favour of more interesting, sociable and better paid work is, sadly, that their children are not being fed properly (i.e. Once, schools tried to make up for these deficiencies by providing free milk and cheap meals. According to the results of the survey, however, it has become obvious that school plays a very important part in a child’s diet. These facts mean that the approach to food and its preparation has changed a lot since the war. The novelty of the sport is what attracted Susan Tripp, a 35-year-old Californian lawyer, to parachute jumping. At parties, he simply introduces ballooning into the conversation, and he becomes the most popular personality of the party for at least an hour. We need to eat to survive, and yet food was often in short supply, so we ate anything we could find (including bugs – gross), preferably stuff that was higher in calories, and we scarfed that stuff down like we were on the way to the electric chair.
We have so much overwhelming and super tasty choice available to us, and to match that we have many diets focused on restricting those choices.
If you’re always on guard about gluten (and not celiac), wary of wheat, seeing sugar as sinful, dissing dairy or maligning meat, it creates a mental state that is fearful of food and can lead to an eating disorder. Sometimes it’s a diet that is too complex, or sometimes it’s based on a gimmick, or sometimes it’s both. Figuring out how to pay for the mortgage, vacation and college for the kids while still being able to afford food. That’s why paleo took off like a kid who heard the bell ring on the last day of school before summer vacation. It’s not healthy for your body either, as often it leads to restricting nutritious foods, or even cutting back calories to ridiculously low levels.
Sometimes it’s about being in the “Zone” or living on some beach down south, or even travelling back through time to the Paleolithic era. Intermittent fasting has become popular and it’s getting people to skip breakfast and binge during brief periods of the day. And don’t forget about the lack of flexibility, where instead of allowing you to eat what you want, when you want it, you’re instead shoehorned into this carefully controlled life of always being on a diet. In our “get results fast” world there is always a new gimmick, and often the focus is about some new kind of nutritional extreme. Your mind starts to focus on what it is that you’re missing out on, and this chips away at your willpower a piece at a time so that eventually, you don’t just cheat a little on this rigid diet, but you cheat a lot. If you go hungry for too long, the hunger hormones come out to play so that even the strongest-willed person can’t stand it for long.
You can keep at it for a while, and even achieve some success, but eventually, you’re going to fall off that wagon. Even if you didn’t give up on your diet completely, every cheat, every carb, every gram of fat or taste of forbidden food creates an itch in the back of your mind that you’re doing something wrong. Do you try to force them to eat what you’re eating, or do you prepare the foods that they prefer and sit there and pine for what you’re missing. Can you go out to parties, to book club or other social occasions and still be able to eat, or will this restrictive diet rule your life in those situations too? Beyond giving your children the wrong idea about what healthy living and eating is, dieting can create a negative backlash in your life with those you care about the most, and eventually this wears you down and you end up failing at yet another diet.
Enjoyable, and flexible, so it’s something you can do without stressing out over it from now until the day you dirt nap. If you’ve ever traveled to this region of the world, you know that obesity is somewhat of a problem there too. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
Individuals across the globe are eager to turn over a new leaf, get on a new bandwagon, make a new start. For those in the know, this book is a toned down, more reader friendly, less technical version of Taubes 2008 New York Times best seller, Good Calories, Bad Calories. Simply put, you cannot burn enough calories to make yourself thin (with the exception of extreme amounts of exercise). Complex systems, such as stock markets, weather patterns, ant colonies, and large governments, all behave in ways that make specific prediction extremely difficult.
As an example, one might note that 9 times out of 10 when variable X is set to 1, the sun is out, and so they proclaim that variable X causes the sun to come out. But when it come to calories and weight gain the simple answer may be best; calories are the same no matter their source.
But then, after a lot of research, I have found that many of Taubes’ arguments are just incorrect, and in fact unsupported by modern research. In fact, the opposite is true — almost nobody in the medical community respects it at all at this point. I value your expertise, and in fact, I would love to work with you at some point in the future. My big issue is that we gain conviction based on tiny little results and then take drastic action.
It promotes itself as a science but it’s basically based on unexamined assumptions, one of which is that foods are essentially the sum of their nutrient parts. As you yourself have said that there are many arguments in favor and against specific food so I would like to comment about the benefits of carbohydrates which takes the form of sugars, oligosaccharides, starches and fibres and are one of the three major macro-nutrients which supply the body with energy (fat and protein being the others). The problem arises when we are not sure exactly what it means to a healthy and balanced diet.
For proteins of high biological value necessary or eat meat or fish, or combine cereal (75%) + legume (25%) + seeds and nuts.
The most beneficial are unsaturated, which come from cold-pressed vegetable oils, seeds and nuts and fish.
Complex carbohydrates are the most efficient source of energy for the body and must be the most abundant nutrient in a balanced diet.
The main sources of vitamins and minerals are in fruits and vegetables raw and fresh elements. There is a basic and very simple law: protein-rich breakfast plentiful and carbohydrates (cereal flakes, vegetables, fruit, etc), including moderate food and raw plant foods (salads and cereal + vegetable, meat or fish, or protein vegetable and tofu) and light dinner and hot with predominantly carbohydrates and vegetable hot (soups, purees, cereals, vegetables, etc).
A good way to ensure the nutritional richness of many foods, is vary them by following the patterns of nature, ie, consuming fresh seasonal food. Some of the most recommended are the garlic , thyme, rosemary, turmeric , ginger , oregano, cumin, etc. Therefore, although we will offer you the principles can serve as a general guideline, we must adapt to the tastes, lifestyle and individual characteristics of each person. The cereal (combined with legumes such as lentils, chickpeas azukis or a ratio of 2 to 1 grain legume) should form the bulk of the diet (at least four days a week).
Like the fish and eggs, should take at noon and combined with salad or vegetables, and very undercooked simmer.
Healthier: lentils, and chickpeas azukis and, as always, with vegetables and raw vegetables in salads or steamed. Therefore, although the fresh fruit is an excellent nutritional choice, we must take it more sparingly than other vegetables.
By contrast, those who make sport and suffer greater physical wear can consume larger quantities. All these foods, like any processed product have been deprived of their essential biological characteristics so that no other nourish and poison the body.
Then, if you want to when developing your weekly or monthly menu, you can take as a reference these sample weekly menu omnivore or vegetarian weekly menu.  healthy and balanced diet.
The dishes you will find in this diet contain the following: vegetables, fruits, grains, fish and poultry.
This is a good thing because you can gather from every country the dishes that you like and form an eating plan. In the Mediterranean area most dishes are made with vegetables and fish which is why they are so healthy.
A third of the working force in England are women, two-thirds of them married, half with school-age children.
During the war many women were required to work in industry and weren’t able to spend much time cooking for their children. As my friend and registered dietitian Jennifer Sygo says, “The science of nutrition is complex. Nevertheless, there are some dietary programs that are old bathwater in need of purging from your eating regimen. This is known as a “crash diet,” and generally used as a temporary measure in order to drop pounds rapidly for an upcoming event like a beach vacation or a high school reunion.
They all have their restrictions about certain foods that you can’t eat, and your eating life becomes a long list of no-nos of things you’re supposed to stay away from.
This rigid thinking sucks the fun out of food, and so several times a day you’re thinking about how much you’re not enjoying this.
You go completely off the rails and start inhaling all the forbidden foods as if the End of Days is nigh, and racking up another one for the list of diets you failed at. A constant sense of hunger sets it, but you knuckle down and use that willpower to stick to your diet because it’s working. Famine and starvation have been very common, and when people began to starve their bodies would send out hormone signals that prompt people to eat. You can’t disregard your desire to eat any more than you can ignore your desire to breathe.

He is the author of Lose it Right: A Brutally Honest 3-Stage Program to Help You Get Fit and Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind, published by Random House Canada.
News and World Report added diets to its suite of rankings and the panel has named the DASH diet the best overall diet of 2012. Taubes, a successful science journalist and researcher, obliterates the past 30-40 years of  medical rhetoric when it comes to diet and nutrition. Most 89 minute professorial lectures in medicine fall way short of two million views on YouTube, but Robert’s lecture is nearly at that milestone.
Our body is quite efficient with processing excess fat andprotein that we eat, but excess carbohydrates covert into fat on our bodies.
If you become a slave to massive carbohydrate intake, your body will actually crave more carbohydrates. What I find amazing is that very educated and well reasoned experts can come to a conclusion that runs so counter to the conventional wisdom of our entire healthcare profession and our government health agencies. This is because these systems involve millions of variables that are interconnected in non-linear ways that may be dynamic and dependent on potential initial states that could number in the billions. But the truth is they have no idea whether the sun drives the variable or the variable drives the sun.
Because he is a journalist, he unfortunately has the perverse incentive to report sensationalist news.
You will then see that what Taubes presents in a strawman of the medical establishment, not the real thing. No well-established weight loss business also uses it — not Weight Watchers, not Jenny Craig, etc. I think, just like me a while ago, you fell prey to a well written book that has some good points, but also a lot of flaws. Whereas food, like the human body, as you rightfully stated in your blog post, are complex systems which cannot be grasped through a mechanistic model. These cultures that adhere to this type of diet have NO atheroscelerotic disease in their culture.Also you might want to see the program CNN by Sanjay Gupta. There is now good evidence that at least 55% of our daily calories should come from carbohydrates. Meat contains many saturated fats and almost all processed products contain the most harmful and dangerous trans fats. Furthermore, we also suggest you that you elaborate vegetable pates like hummus or mushroom pate and many others … are delicious and nutritious. Since each nutrient needs different factors for metabolism, it is better that you include a few foods at each meal. If you have not yet raised to have an urban organic garden at home, perhaps it is time to do so. Occasionally, used in salads (raw) other vegetable oils first cold pressing as wheat germ, evening primrose, sesame, etc. You can also use them in digestive tea for dessert at lunch, or tranquilizers infusions as dessert at dinner. For example, it is not the same diet for athletes, a child’s diet, pregnancy diet, weight loss diet, diet for diabetes, diet for cholesterol diet for seniors, vegetarian diet, etc. Better yet if stews we include cereal legume vegetables and raw or undercooked vegetables steamed. Because of the controversy that arose with soy , if you’re going to consume better moderation. Try not to mix fruits (acid with acidic and sweet sweet) and remember that the best time to consume fruit is in the morning or between meals, ie, without mixing it with other foods. A good way to incorporate them into your diet is by adding them to salads, stews and vegetable cereal, breakfast smoothies, etc. But for everyone else, a small handful of seaweed every day in any dish is synonymous with health. Use unrefined sea salt and the best natural sweeteners and still restricts its use to the fullest.
Signalet and its predecessors Kousmine, Burger and Fradin, genetic transformations indicate that these grains have suffered over the years and the inability of our enzymes to metabolize proteins. In this meal plan you have to avoid saturated fat which come from butter or margarine and replace them with healthy fat like olive oil.
Aside from all of these the diet has some common foods that you will find in all countries and they are: fruits, vegetables, fish, rice, beans, potatoes and grains.
This diet does not pose any threat to you health because you can eat all the things that you body needs. In 1985 a survey was carried out on over four thousand children throughout England and Wales to try and find out how well they were fed.
Many have long distances to travel to work and are not prepared to spend hours working in their home in the evening or at the weekend.
Children’s diets were therefore supplemented outside the home by various welfare agencies, including the schools.
Are the ingredients easy to find, or does it make shopping for groceries a nightmare of confusion looking for unpronounceable foods that are allegedly super? Compared to what most Americans eat, going paleo is often an improvement, but this does not make it optimal or sustainable, nor does it mean that it’s advocates have made a rational argument for what we should and should not eat. Sometimes, a pseudoscientific “cleanse” is sold in conjunction or you are injected with the useless “hCG” as part of the ultra-low calorie process. You forget what it’s like to eat like a normal human being and just enjoy food for the wonderfulness that it can bring into your life. The rankings were chosen based on information from sources such as government reports and scientific journals. Pick almost any diet, and you will find several experts and PHDs praising it, and an equal number panning it. This article is a summary of a detailed 20-year research effort from five experts at Harvard that looked into the specific diets of 120,000 individuals. Moreover, the Harvard project highlights the dangerous impact of potatoes, a seemingly harmless food that is present in every child’s school cafeteria.
Moreover, despite whether you agree with their conclusion, they make a remarkably cogent arguments.
Such systems, which are well studied, are known for being unpredictable, difficult to understand, and are easy to underestimate. Or perhaps an entirely different variable that we are not looking at drives the sun, and all we are witnessing is ten random data points that happen to have 9-1 organization. Additionally, he highlights how the mass opinion can lead to action that has well-intended but negative implications on the system. However, once I went back and looked up a lot of research he cites, a lot of it is not really accurate and does not say what he says it does. The real medical community agrees that a diet high in refined carbs AND high in overall calories is to blame.
Whereas it is important to maintain an appropriate balance between calorie intake and expenditure, scientific studies suggest that: A diet containing an optimum level of carbohydrates may help prevent body fat accumulation, starch and sugars provide readily accessible fuel for physical performance, dietary fibre, which is a carbohydrate, helps keep the bowel functioning correctly.
It is best that instead of including a lot of different foods, go varied over a week and you elaborate different recipes. And moreover, we encourage you to explore new possibilities brought from distant lands to give a special flavor to your dishes (plus nutritional elements) such as the gomasio , the soy sauce ,miso, or Ayurvedic Chyawanprash. Surely you are in for a pleasant surprise when you discover the taste and texture in oil (try to eat raw broccoli, cabbage, zucchini, etc … They are delicious!) The salad should include a bitter element as escarole to promote secretion biliary and antioxidant element such as broccoli or cabbage. Some of the healthiest are almonds , walnuts , the sesame seeds , chiia seeds , flax seeds , etc. Why and when in doubt, better to take those cereals for which there is no doubt or controversy.
That is also one of the reasons John Wolcott, a 49-year-old printer from Edison, New Jersey, likes to go hot-air ballooning.
Never mind that many of these diets can cause health problems, disordered eating, low energy levels and mood problems. The DASH may also help lower cholesterol, as it’s big on whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean proteins.
You would think that with all our technology and understanding of the human body, there would be more consistency in our approach.
Moreover, he notes that food processors increasingly inject HFCS into a large majority of the packaged foods we feed ourselves and our children. The main point of Brody’s title is that, based on these results, not all calories are created equal. The Greek and Norse gods were early human attempts at understanding the sky, stars, and oceans. Perhaps it should go without saying, but it is particularly hard to influence a system you don’t fully understand. But watch out for the preacher with certainty — the ones that are spewing hellfire and brimstone.
Thus, you get not only aid digestion but eat you be more entertaining and different every day. In any case, if you start buying organic, follow the natural rhythms will not cost as in organic shops abound often seasonal food. Some of the most recommended vegetables are endive, escarole, carrot , celery, cabbage, peppers, garlic, onions and of course, the broccoli or broccoli . You can also get you healthy oils from nuts, it is recommended that you eat a hand of nuts every day. Our physicians, our government, and our schools all rallied behind a 30-year movement to lower fat intake. More and more women are going out to work, and are either just not at home when their children need to be fed, or are short of time to prepare proper guides walking around, and garbage all over the place. But why do discussions about something that is supposed to be scientific, feel like religious or political arguments?
And why are people so emotionally driven when it comes to their perspectives on topics such as this?

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