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I know you think I have gone mad, because everyone is on a diet losing some kind of weight.
Are you at the point where you have tried and tried to lose weight, just to gain it all back with a little extra? People are continually trying to lose weight, this has been proven by the billion dollar weight loss industry.
Losing weight successfully is not done by dieting, but by changing our lifestyle permanently.
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I agree, but how many people are successful with losing the weight and keeping it off forever.

In order to win the battle of losing weight, and developing a healthy lifestyle, you must define what weight loss success is about. Studies have shown that people who are trying to lose weight by dieting are more likely to gain their weight back plus a little extra. Here are some tips for personal changes that will help you loose your weight, and gain a healthier lifestyle.
Sometimes it isn't the food that we are eating, but the amount that we are putting in our mouths. The most important factor in being a success is not to diet, but to make a total weight loss change. Ask yourself how you are feeling, or how are your clothes fitting, these are probably more accurate than a number on a scale.

If a healthy eating plan is followed, and an exercise routine is included into your daily life, then it is more likely you will be successful.
In order to achieve weight loss success, you need to set realistic goals, and achieve them along the course of your journey.
Find an exercise you like doing like dancing, bowling, golf, soft ball, weight lifting, running and then stick with it. Not everyone likes to exercise especially when starting, but the benefits you receive in exercising is tremendous.

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