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I wondered if I would ever get to see my two beautiful daughters grow up, graduate, have children of their own.
I stumbled across an inspiring story on Reddit that actually made me go out that morning and walk around the block I came back in and thought I was going to have a heart attack, that's how out of shape I was.
I ate egg white omelets for breakfast with spinach, spices, garlic, avocado -- whatever I was in the mood for.
I started studying up on nutrition and fitness as much as I could online, and I adopted a mostly Paleo diet. Today, my daughters can sit in my lap comfortably and wrap their arms completely around me.
One year and nine days after I started, I found myself exactly 200 pounds lower than the day I'd started. I always had a lunch box filled with raw celery and carrots to gnaw on if I found myself twitching with a craving for a bag of chips.

I ballooned up to 440 pounds after being married and getting comfortable with life and complacent about my health. I'd hit a grocery store around mid-morning and grab two bagels and a Danish along with more soda.
I lived, and for me that proved that I could probably do it again tomorrow -- and I wouldn't die then either. I eat 95 percent Paleo (I still drink diet sodas and enjoy the occasional fermented good-time beverage). I came from a long line of lifestyle-related illnesses, and I was destined to repeat history.
Eventually I consulted a friend who had a nutrition degree who helped write up a meal plan for me. My snacks were raw veggies, almonds, pistachios, fruit and sweet potatoes, and I still allowed myself coffee, either black or sweetened with Stevia.

That s where most women fail The Best Way to Lose Weight in a Week - Lose Weight Fast Forget supplements and surgery ?? a€? make small, simple changes to your diet and daily routine to lose weight. When I worked out alone, it was mostly 45 minute elliptical sessions because I didn’t know what else to do. I ll admit that as a woman, I was hesitant to start lifting heavy weights Lose Weight Fast With Diet and Exercise Plans This plan, built around healthy food and regular exercise, ranked behind only Weight Watchers in the overall weight-loss category.

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