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I love stories like this where desire, determination and dedication are rewarded with amazing, life-enhancing results! A few months ago, I put together the video for Kimberly and Jamey, last year’s Slim & Sassy grand prize winners.
I initially set a goal to lose 35 pounds, get into the habit of exercising at least three times a week for at least 30 minutes, and develop better eating habits.
Congratulations to Andrew Marshall and Sharmila Lapana, doTERRA 2014 Slim & Sassy grand prize winners!
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Losing weight is a long haul, complex process that you must believe is perfectly achievable for you.
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Containing restorative properties, helichrysum was traditionally used to support circulatory health and aid in muscle relaxation.
After seeing how the Slim & Sassy Lifestyle Competition transformed the lives of our Wellness Advocates, Westin decided to change his lifestyle by competing in the company challenge. Throughout the competition, I adjusted my goals by increasing my workout routines and modifying my diet. All claims made on the product labels and website descriptions are the sole responsibility of the manufacturer and not ColosseumBodyCenter.Liability for adverse reactions or poor performance also lies solely with the product manufacturer. Refusal of correct deliveries is deemed to be breaking our terms and conditions unless there is a mistake with the order or the order has been damaged in transit.
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With determination, hard work, and the help of Slim & Sassy, Westin shed over 35 pounds in three months. My clothes fit better, and I don’t have to worry about trying to constantly hide my stomach.
Find a way to make changes one step at a time, without putting too much pressure on yourself. Do you believe that being overweight is in your genes?Do you believe that losing weight is hard?

So, how can you avoid triggering massive subconscious resistance?Simple, really.Re-frame reaching your ideal weight using powerful weight loss affirmations. Something that makes you feel butterflies in your tummy.What would that be?Whether it is to improve your looks, to gain others' admiration, or be a great role model for your family, focus on what really motivates YOU.
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If you really want to improve but your end goal seems too daunting, start with something small and don’t get discouraged. Use inspiring "power words" like, enhanced figure, increased muscle tone, power nutrition, smart training - and just watch the results! As soon as you do, you automatically create a powerful emotional energy that pulls you ahead, towards your goal.It's true, improved health and well-being are the real reasons you should lose weight, but who cares?
I push myself hard because my goals are sincere, and I avoid beating myself up when I miss a workout or eat something less healthy.
Even if it takes you years to get the results you want, it’s better than doing nothing at all.
That you just don't have the time to exercise - and even when you did, there was no immediate result?Ignore it all!Pull a pen and paper instead and make a list with all the benefits of getting back in shape. I needed to get in better shape so that I could play with my kids and be a part of their growth and development.

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