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We love all eye colors, but brown is definitely our favorite (maybe because it’s our own color). If you’re looking to switch up your eye makeup game, below are some easy tutorials that will make your brown eyes pop. You may have been impressed by Aimee Mullins’ red carpet look with her glamorous golden eye makeup.
Thanks to "Mean Girls," we now know that Halloween is the only time you can dress like a slut and get away with it.
Professional Mastering Eyes is our 3 day course which will teach you how to do any kind of eye look that you will want to do. On this course, you will learn all the necessary professional skills, to create different looks, using classic, modern and creative techniques.
You don’t have to look up for some ridiculous costume when you will be able to utilize products that are actually within your make-up bag in making creative, magnificent, and totally frightening, stunning looks for each of the Halloween parties at your schedule. All you need for this very easy and simple Kitty makeup is just an eyeliner and red lipstick.
Criss cross makeup is so easy to do, you can use an eyeliner for this and just form a criss cross lines around your eyes and you’re done. This is an easier kitty look compare to the other kitty look we’ve shown a while ago. Graffiti StudioGraffiti Studio is the source for the latest news, information and inspiration related to Graffiti. Brown eyes are the most common ones in the world. There are many different ways of how to accentuate them because of the many shades that they match with. One way to make your brown eyes stand out is by applying some metallic tones, like gold, bronze and browns.

Another way to highlight your brown eyes is by applying some white liner that you can pair with some metallic tones. Glitter makeup can look good on your brown eyes, and this can be the perfect makeup idea for a night out. There are many colors that you can use for making your brown eyes pop and the step-by-step tutorials above should be your guide for doing your makeup like a professional makeup artist. Thank you for reading, and stay up to date with the content of Women Fashion Tips to find other such great makeup tutorials.
The best part about brown eyes is that there are a myriad of looks to play around with from sultry bronze smokey eyes to fun and flirty teal looks. So they would like to wear the golden eye makeup to compliment their gorgeous evening dresses. Which means that if your concept of a witch costume still includes a crooked nose, warts, and a green face, then you're living way in the past, honey. Below are the 35 Easy and Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas that you can use this coming 2014 Halloween season. You find updates about graffiti supplies, street art, body painting, books, graffiti artists and much more. Su novio el rapero Kayne lo anuncio ayer en un concierto en Atlanta City cuando hizo parar la musica y pidio al publico que lanzaran un grito por su futuro retono.
Y ya son muchos los que han querido felicitar a la pareja via Twitter para darles su enhorabuena. Khloe kardashian publico:"Estoy super emocionada por kayne y mi hermana, no hay nada mas bonito que traer vida al mundo, que Dios Les bendiga!". Today we are bringing to you several Great Makeup Tutorials For Brown Eyes that you can try to copy and thus accentuate the beauty of your brown eyes.

Brown shade can also look in combination with taupe and peach shades, which are the best shades for achieving the natural eye makeup look.
If you are going to create such a look like this, remember to draw yourself a thick winged eyeliner on both your upper and lower eyelids. Blast forward to the future—and the sexier side of things—by dressing up as a sexy witch this Halloween.In this makeup tutorial by Delyria, you'll see how to create a sort of avant-garde witch look that's both pretty and fierce. During halloweens, masks as well as halloween costumes were put on with the idea to mimic evil creatures and spirits.
For as long as you use your creativity you can create that great amazing look with just a blink of an eye. Por su parte Kourtney escribia: "Solo puedo gritar de alegria por este nuevo angel que espera la familia.
Also, adding some shimmer to match with your eye shadow can definitely accentuate your brown eyes.
Majorly upturned brows, upturned liner, and upturned shadow will make you look deliciously evil. Scroll down to see some makeup tutorials of how to achieve these tricks for brown eyes and do not hesitate to copy them. You’ll need two tones of golden shadows extending to your eye brows and a smudged wing tip black liner and mascara.

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