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Slice a fresh banana lengthwise to split the banana.Chop the fresh strawberries, and slice the fresh pineapple into small pieces. Try your hand at a FAGE Total Greek yogurt recipe that’s inspired by Greek and Italian culinary creativity. From lazy Sundays to busy Monday mornings, our recipes inspired by FAGE Total are sure to satisfy you on any day of the week.

Probiotics are live microorganisms (bacteria and yeasts, mostly) present in food which offer some sort of health benefit. It was originally thought that the cultures in yogurt would change the microflora in your colon.
While research is still being conducted on what exactly is going on with your microflora (as it turns out, taking samples from your colon in real time is pretty difficult…), it actually seems as though yogurt has less direct effect on the balance of the good and bad bacteria colonies than scientists originally thought.

However, there’s a dirty little secret about Greek yogurt (I was surprised about this one too).

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