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If you're thinking of an exercise program, you might want to start with Power 90 before mounting a P90X campaign.
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Started diet at 325.Idahoslacklord wrote:what is the Special K diet -- just eating special K? Same company, same trainer, but a little less extreme, which might get you over the injury hurdle you mentioned. Write down how much you want to weigh and by when, every single day.Brian Tracy, is a world renowned motivational guru, he says to write down goals every day of your life.
I really hate dieting this close to football season because I like to eat junk food while I watch football. If hitting the weight you want earns you permission to go back to junk food and TV, you can imagine what comes next.
My only warning is that I schedule the weekly rest day for Fridays (as opposed to Sundays).
Goals that are written are much more likely to be accomplished than those that are simply in your head.Also, use visualization. But let me assure you, P90X is a gimmick-free, full-proof program of diet and exercise that if followed will help you lose weight, build muscle, and feel better. But I finally figured out that my goal had to be the healthy lifestyle, itself, rather than its results. You might be tempted to pick up the DVDs second-hand and not worry about the nutrition plan so much, and take a sampler attitude about the whole thing, but I would urge you not to do this.
This type of visualization opens your mind up to the possibility of what could be and if you are capable of seeing it in you mind it is possible to accomplish.
If you can learn to appreciate good nutrition and exercise as their own reward, you'll never have to worry about the up-and-down again.
Read motivational type stuff as much as possible, it will give you the energy to continue on.

If you follow the program exactly how it's written, you will get results that will genuinely amaze you.
And it's even more important to get sufficient calories once you do start your exercise. If you do decide to order P90X, you'll have some choices to make about equipment and extras. What you WILL need, in addition to the dvds, are a chin-up bar, some dumbbells or resistance bands, and a decent yoga mat. And if I want to have couple slices of pizza while I watch football I don't have to worry about it. I haven't been keeping to diet very well but I have been keeping calories low as possible.
If you're not really serious about getting into better shape, I would say not to bother with something as strenuous as this. September 24 is about five weeks away, so in the meantime, try to get set up and maybe start some stretching, jogging, and push-ups.
And, assuming you get the green light, also keep in mind from the beginning that you may need to modify some of the exercises at first because they'll simply be too difficult. There was at least one other P90X thread in the Fitness forum from earlier this year, and you might want to breeze through that and read more of what's been said.

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