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Do you guys love the before and after makeup pics, I love before and after makeup pics, they tell you the difference makeup can make to your looks, I love the get ready with me videos so much that they have become the best videos to watch these days!! I love all the dolled up dress and makeup play girls do, and it completely makes you look different then you look fresh out of bed in morning !!
How To Lose Weight Fast,7 Days Weight Loss Food, The Famous Cabbage Soup Diet ,My Experience Post Pregnancy!!
The pic looks so perfect Looks like I did a very good shopping spent more then an Hour to look for everything ,make a list & buy exactly what I needed to shred the few Kgs of extra weight.
By the way who doesn't love short cuts, specially when you are over confident of yourself!!
So this is a beautiful pic of everything that I spent money on and bought from the wet market in Singapore! I had the first sip and I felt VOMITING It tasted like some poisonous thing, ( I mean literally) This tasted so bad , but even then I kept of sipping some because I wanted to motivate myself on weight loss, after I sipped the half bowl, I had this strong vomiting urge!! The FACT was that i hated its taste, I was not able to digest the fact that I am going to stick to a diet plan for a week to loose weight faster, also that I will be drinking this tasteless cabagge soup everyday when ever I feel hungry!! Oh my God my hunger died, Instantly, I fet so dipressed after having it, I was sure it is something I can not try on myself, I love my tasty Indian Food, I sent the soup pic to hubby and told , I feel sick already.. Silk-epil bikini styler - Braun (pink trimmer),I bought mine online Singapore website ZALORA Singapore.

Then I think why not as its my Beauty & life blog, lets start here the Mommy Life as well and baby blogging!! First of all THANKYOU to all my lovely viewers & you online friends who requested me for these baby stuff and my experiences and stuff, this really made me think and start with this new idea of Mommy blogging or baby Blogging!!
So let me share my Ideas on How you can shoot Your own maternity & baby- mommy or baby-Parents or family or baby Photography!!!
Ok So I never did this, you guys know I hate to write reviews they are so much pain to write about, I find them boring, I love making videos about products as its faster to speak in videos then to write about products!! I found few lipsticks started melting In hot Singapore Climate, I hate the hot & humid climate In Singapore, I just cannot tell you how Much I hate it!!! NOTE: This is only the Lipstick Collection, If I have missed any lipstick (That may be In My Purses or somewhere else in the House,I will update it here). Now, I shall pat my own back, as I finished this long pending requested post & I am feeling relief to share finally the list with you guys, it will now be easy to add more lipsticks to this list as and on when I buy them . Have you heard of the famous “Cabbage Soup Diet?”  If you haven’t and you’re trying to lose weight, you might be interested to know what this is. Basically, the bottom line of this diet is to follow it strictly for seven whole days.  You can eat as much as you want – provided you stick to a strict soup diet made out of cabbage and other low-calorie vegetables and fruits. A limited quantity of meat and skimmed milk are allowed for protein needs.  This diet should make you lose 10 to 17 pounds in just one week.

Some people have successfully lost weight because of strictly following the diet.  It’s a unique plan which you may want to try for yourself. Instructions for this diet include drinking of fur glasses of water a day, eat soup as much as you want at any time, and take herbal appetite suppressants twice a day.  However, if you do, remember not to drink coffee whether decaf or not, or tea. All of these recipes will help you stick to your healthy eating goals, combining delicious meals that aren’t loaded with calories.
To Lose Weight faster, Mind you this is definitely not the healthy way and results depends on each body type.
Mind you it is risky to loose weight fast & I took that risk & made the famous fast weight loss cabbage soup!!
With this list of 50 healthy, delicious and low calorie weight loss meals, you have no excuse not to eat something delicious and healthy!

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