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You can find a list of foods and all other instructions for following The 3 Week Diet at my website, where I go into much more detail about why each of these foods can help you burn fat and just how much you can expect to lose. According to national health television programs, the only way to lose the pounds and keep them off is to lose a little at a time and accomplish the goal very slowly.
I created this three week diet after toiling with diet and nutrition experts to find the best way to lose up to 1 pound of fat per day. For example, if you accidentally shock your system by slicing a finger open, your body begins the healing cycle within seconds and fixes the problem within a few short days. While fat is a fairly constant source of fuel for the body, it is often the body’s second choice.
Depending on how much weight you have to lose, this could mean dieting for several months to several years.

Similarly, making a drastic change in the way you eat will set your metabolism scrambling to keep up.
What if I told you that it is possible to burn the fat and take off the pounds at a much faster rate?
Just a week on this 3 week diet will have you noticing the difference and after the 3 weeks are over, you will look and feel like a whole new person.
This means it uses the energy from the most recent meal or snack before it uses fat we have stored up inside. The specialized foods about which I speak may not be familiar to you, but the metabolism boosting properties make them worth a try!
If you need to lose weight fast and do not have the time or patience to continue with diets that feel more like torture tactics than fat-burning helpers, visit my website and give my three week diet a try.

If you knew you could lose 20 lbs or more all while following The 3 Week Diet, would you try it? It doesn’t require swearing off your favorite foods, drinking a barely palatable tea, or finding the perfect organic berry.
When your metabolism begins to burn that excess fat, it gains in strength and looks for more fuel to burn and will continue to burn fat at a faster and faster pace.
My special fat-burning eating plan will let you burn off stored fat before your metabolism starts burning calories from the food you have most recently consumed and it will keep on going.

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