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When starting the keto diet, you want to make sure that you hit your fat and protein goals while you keep carbohydrates low. Keeping your macros in line will maximize fat loss and spare muscle, making you a lean, fat-burning machine! Some excellent food sources of these electrolytes include: Lite Salt, bouillon (or salty both broth), avocados and spinach. Free Workout Plans For Busy PeopleYour Home Fitness AdvisorHow Much Muscle Can You Build Naturally?
The truth is, our expectations are way out of line, largely thanks to pro bodybuilding and the muscle building magazines. You have to accept that you won’t gain 40 pounds of muscle in 8 weeks no matter how hard you train or how much you eat and no supplement can change that. Supplements, workout plans, diet techniques, they can all help but none of them can really overcome your genetic potential for muscle gain. Accepting how much muscle you can build will mean that you set your expectations and goals accordingly. Everyone knows someone at their gym who is able to build muscle despite them following a retarded workout plan and not really paying attention to their diet. There are so many people writing about gaining muscle that it can become hard to know who to listen to.
There are so many people out there recycling out of date information they hear at the gym or read in magazines and the internet has helped spread this misinformation.
Despite the slew of bad advice and useless information there are good guys out there who spread great information for natural lifters based on a mix of science and real world experience.

Lyle McDonald is one of these people and his article What’s My Genetic Muscular Potential? In that article Lyle tries to answer this very question with the help of other experts in the field (all of which I recommend).
All of the experts provided a table which sums up how much muscle a natural male lifter can gain (females would need to half the rates of gain).
It’s interesting to see that despite their different methods, they all end up in the same ballpark. Also as you get older you won’t be able to gain as much muscle as testosterone levels fall. Casey Butt P.hD is a natural bodybuilder who knows his stuff when it comes to the science of gaining muscle naturally.
As you can see Casey’s model is based on your frame, more specifically your height, ankle, wrist and bodyfat level.
Using the 5 foot 9 example, this would mean that our guy would be able to have a maximum of 75kg (divide by 2.2.
After all, you can spend years looking for a quick fix or a way to get around this but you’ll only waste time and money and arrive back at this conclusion. 20 pounds of muscle in a year might not sound much in the context of pro bodybuilders who spend hundreds of thousands of pounds a year on drugs, but if you add 20 pounds to your frame in a year you’ll look very different. I believe wholeheartedly that following a keto diet is the fastest and most-effective way to lose weight and balance blood sugar without feeling hungry or deprived. To do so, I recommend that you enter your stats into the Keto Calculator by Ankerl or by Craig at

You can still lose weight regardless of whether or not you choose to eat sweeteners, but when it comes down to sweetener vs. Some people still lose weight like crazy while they drink diet coke and make keto-friendly treats.
Like I stated previously, many people experience the keto flu due to electrolyte imbalances. This is mostly water weight from your glycogen stores, but you might even notice changes in your body that quick. Find out and you’ll never have to resort to stupid diets that only make you fatter or expensive supplements which do nothing! Personally, I find MyFitnessPal to be most user-friendly, but I love CRON-O-Meter because you can also track micronutrients very easily. When your body begins to produce ketones, excess will be rapidly excreted through the kidneys and could very easily dehydrate you. After the first week, you should start to notice increased energy, mental clarity and possibly even feelings of euphoria! To prevent dehydration, also be sure to get enough electrolytes from your food or supplements.

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