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As fruit helps dissolve toxins, and the water and fiber in fruit helps flush them out, Robb’s diet plans concentrate on detoxifying your body by using natural foods to wash away excess pounds and toxic debris.? Jay is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and a Certified Fitness Trainer with over 20 years of experience as a professional in his field. Rachael McCrary was a formidable ‘figure’ in the Intimate Apparel Industry who has take shapewear up a few notches! The Pixie tangerine is only found in the Ojai Valley and to celebrate it, the Oaks at Ojai destination spa pay homage in every way possible! Backed by 25 years of quality manufacturing, the patented Haute™ Brush is the perfect, easy to use, convenient styling tool. Easter Brunch at California French Esterel Restaurant in the Sofitel Promises to be MemorableDo something special with your loved ones for Easter; enjoy an incredible brunch in a beautiful setting at Esterel California French Restaurant at Sofitel. Located in the heart of Silicon Beach in Playa Vista, Club W offers an innovation way to discover and enjoy wine. Club W is all about offering outstanding wine at a great price. Highly renowned chefs from the Los Angeles area  gathered at Pistols, where Smithfield Pork presented an culinary and educational adventure of pork’s versatility as they showcased a wide spectrum of delicious ways to enjoy pork.

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Clinical nutritionist and fitness club owner, Jay Robb, whose California based nutrition company boasts books, products and diet plans wants to help guide you to a healthier lifestyle.
Based on the realization that we live in a toxic world, Jay believes that cleansing should be a part of everyone’s lifestyle.? Considering fresh fruit is considered one of the best sources of energy while vegetables provide vital vitamin and mineral content, most nutritionists agree that eating large amounts of these foods help maintain optimum health and prevent all major diseases. He has served as a consultant to Kent Johnston, the former Strength Coach for the Green Bay Packers and has helped tens of thousands of individuals over the past two decades lose weight and gain energy like never before.
The new Sonic Touch Cleansing System uses a unique micro-pulsating action combined with stimulating silicone-cleansing points.

Yet, all nominees will receive an accolade for their acclaimed performances thanks to the 13th Annual Everybody Wins nominee swag bag from Distinctive Assets. With his fruit intensive eating plans, dieters can start losing weight in just a couple of days.
Doing that with fresh fruit is a safe and easy way to keep fat levels low and energy levels high.
In addition, Jay’s Whey Protein, is derived from cows not treated with synthetic growth hormone rBGH and made with 100% whey isolate as the only protein source. Jay holds a lifetime Honorary Personal Training Certification with the National Gym Association for helping create their Personal Training Certification Program. As an alternative to whey and soy proteins, the Egg White Protein formula is made with protein coming from chickens not treated with hormones.

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