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This is because the cellulose present in the raw veggies is hard for the stomach to digest.
This hormone will increase your food cravings and decrease the body’s fat-burning rate. But, you must take at least 1500 mg of salt per day, if you are not having high blood pressure and kidney issues. Excess water may fill your stomach so much that you may even be deprived of the essential nutrients that you get from food.

However, good fats are important for the body, and in fact they help you in losing weight by increasing your metabolism. Learn Authentic Shaolin Kung Fu, Shaolin Forms, Shaolin Traditional Weapons, Shaolin Chin Na, Shaolin Qi Gong etc. This causes digestive problems, destroys the good bacteria in the intestines, and thus slows down the metabolism process.
When you completely restrict a carbohydrate diet and eat only proteins then your body uses these proteins to get sugar and excess sugar gets converted into fat.

Salt is very important in helping the body to burn the extra calories, aiding in digestion and preventing the secretion of stress hormone in the body. We must get omega-3 and other essential fatty acids that are present in these good fat food substances such as olive oil, fatty fish, nuts, etc.

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