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Our local market data reporting services include: Sales, Transactions, Average Check, Population Penetration, Purchase Frequency, Demographics, Consumer Ratings, Category Product Data etc. Understanding local competitive market share among coffee companies couldn’t be easier. Evaluating category market share enables companies to comprehend local vendor product penetration. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I’ve recently shared an article with you that proved that one person can eat a varied diet in Romania for just 88 Euros per month if they make some smart choices. The announcement was made by Prime Minister Victor Ponta, and the new tax will go in full effect starting June 1st, 2015. A similar measure has been implemented in the past, when the VAT was reduced to 9% for bread. However, there are some concerns that at least some producers will take advantage of this VAT reduction to increase their profits and offer their products at the same prices. Yes Teil, hopefully they will not all decide to play tricks on us and then all will have to lower the prices. This is not only a move for him to get popular, but also a measure that they hope will fix tax evasion.

In terms of Romanians saving money, most of them believe that the best method is keeping them at home under the pillow. Our tracking analysis allows companies to view local market share by competitive vendors or brands.
These tracking results take a deeper look into actual product market share among coffee companies.
That’s a really great thing, especially since the food prices in our supermarkets are sometimes higher than those in Spain, for example (and similar to other countries in Europe). Or at least they should, because the Romanian government has decided to cut the VAT on food to 9% (the current number is a whooping 24%). This measure was announced and proposed a while ago and all Romanians are extremely happy to hear about it. I personally am under the impression that some supermarket products made in Romania have a slightly higher price right now so that it actually drops in June, but to the values they had before the price was artificially increased.
One thing is clear though: normally, the already cheap food in Romania should get even cheaper! Most of the businesses prefer to sell goods without declaring them – and therefore they pay no tax. We track consumer purchases and consumption for Away-From-Home, In Home and At-Work and our data is widely utilized by top industry companies.

Any food item catches our eyes even if we haven’t yet tasted it; this charm lies in the way they are presented. If you are on the subject of saving money, why don’t you do an article on what Romanians do in terms of saving their money and investing it, say, on the stock exchange or in bonds. They hope that now when the tax is of a lower value – combined with increased checking of these businesses will result, paradoxically, in more money. So one of the important points in making your food loveable is to present it in a good way. A person should get fascinated by the look of the dish you made and it should urge him to taste it.
You will definitely learn a lot of things watching each one of these pictures that what are the techniques and art of food photography.
Do not forget to let me know which one is the best photo in your opinion and which food you like the most. Also see other inspiring photography posts on my blog like Cool and Refreshing Flower Pictures.

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