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Protein is essential for replacing and restoring tissues, building muscles, maintaining a healthy hormonal and immune system.
Chicken Breast : It is one of the richest sources of protein and is super low in terms of fat.
Canned Tuna :Canned tuna contains 50 grams of protein per can and is one of the richest sources of omega three.
Green Vegetables : Green leafy vegetables are the best source of protein for the vegetarians. Nuts And Seeds :Nuts like almond, cashew and walnuts have high protein ratio and considered to be one of the best sources of proteins.

Including these food products in your daily diet would help you to build muscles in a short period of time and will keep you fit and healthy.
These are one of the easiest ways to add proteins to your daily diet and can be used in breakfast, lunch or at dinners. Fish oil has high quantity of omega 3 which is helpful in preventing diseases related to liver and heart. By adding chicken breast to your diet, you can easily control your weight and lead a healthy and happy life. The white part of the egg is rich in minerals and calcium and is helpful in avoiding diseases like breast cancer, muscle contractions and cataracts.

Raw fish has 12 grams of protein per 100 gram and can be a good source of minerals and proteins.
The soybean derived tofu is considered to have more quantity of protein fibers as compared to meat.

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