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Cucumbers are the type of food that will make you feel full with just a very modest amount of calories.
Watercress contains a significant amount of iron, calcium, iodine, folic acid, Vitamins A, B, C and K.
For those who wish for a quick weight loss recipe a 5 days apple diet is a recommended plan. I have created this blog to help you build the body you want quicker and easier ;) You will avoid common mistakes and progress faster! Not only will it cleanse your body, but also will provide you with vitamins you need for your daily life.

It is also a good source of antioxidants, stimulant and recommended by many experts for those wanting to lose weight. Not only it has all of the benefits of fruits and vegetables, but also it was shown that a high fiber diet can decrease cholesterol levels, cleanse you digestion system and promote a weight loss. During these 5 days you should only consume 5 apples per day and plenty of water.  It is possible to lose up to 10 lbs during that time. Just by eating a quarter or a half of avocado with your meal instead of unhealthy fats, can promote weight loss. A If you are looking to maintain your weight, lose a few pounds, or lose a larger amount, there are a lot of things we can do to tip the scales in our favor.

However, that only should be done in a healthy way, without cutting on essential nutrients. Replacing many of the unhealthy beverages with lemon water can help tremendously to cut your calorie intake. A Here are five foods to help you lose weight…no matter how many pounds you want to lose.

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