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Dinners are the hardest for me becaus its hard to plan ahead and many convienance foods are carb heavy. For breakfast I can have 1 fat, 1 starch and 1 protein so this morning I sauteed some red bell pepper, onion and spinach in 2 scrambled egg whites, half a multi grain english muffin and an eighth of avocado on top.
Lunch - Grilled cheese on whole wheat (2 slices of cheese) and a home made fat free, sugar free chocolate pudding frozen popsicle, and water. Dinner - 5.5oz of brown rice(thank god for my rice cooker, makes it perfect), 4oz boiled chicken breast, few veggies that were boiled with the chicken, 1 slice of bread with 1tbsp butter, and 4oz sugar free, fat free lime jello.

Before bed: only thing I've tried that keepsy fasting number low is cold cereal with original almond milk- I eat kashi cinnamon harvest is my fave. I also eat Popsicles (the outshine bars are only 10g carbs, and I can have 15 for a snack). I eat either eggs with one piece of bread and vegetables or farmers cheese with strawberry or blueberry.
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My meal plan is a 2000 calorie diet where I'm allowed a certain amount of starches, fats, vegetable, protein, milk and fruit at each meal.

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