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Clearly dressed to impress, Vicky opted for a bodycon bandage dress from Famous Frocks and sky-high heels as she enjoyed the evening with Riad, who dressed more casually in jeans and a printed T-shirt. It remains to be seen whether or not Riad and Vicky's relationship will go the distance, but the couple certainly appeared smitten during their evening out.Earlier this month, former Atomic Kitten star Natasha announced that she and Riad had decided to split after six years of marriage. But if you want to explore the other black and white bandage dresses out there then look no further than our top picks below. Ron and Charlotte are said to be the highest-paid celebs of the bunch this series, starting next month, with deals nearing the six figure mark.
Ron was forced to quit as an ITV pundit in 2004 after a racist remark he made when he thought his microphone was off. Being a feminist and having a penchant for crap TV is a hard line to walk because like a lot of mainstream culture, there’s usually an unfortunate dose of misogyny in it somewhere. On the surface, Geordie Shore is a show that’s enjoyable to watch because it seems to have very little substance to it (and I can vicariously live through their exploits without getting a hangover).
The women of Geordie Shore (that ‘pornographic’ show, remember) talk about dildos they’ve bought for their own pleasure, the cocks that they want to go down on, and the men that they want to have sex with, and then we see some duvets bobbing up and down in the dark whilst they act upon all three.
If you want further proof of how great it is, just look at how the (overwhelming malicious) press and the Twitterati respond to the women on Geordie Shore. Geordie Shore isn’t even my guilty pleasure anymore, it’s officially A Pleasure, with capital letters and bells on. Just a heads up, all the names of the TV shows are appearing white (I think) so you can’t read them on the white background. Two stars of Geordie Shore have been arrested on ­suspicion of assaulting a model with a shoe. Vicky Pattinson and Holly Hagan were in a club - with a TV crew in tow - when they were involved in an angry confrontation with a group of girls. Eyewitnesses say Hannah Kelso, 18, was left with blood streaming for a facial injury and taken to hospital. She is believed to have had eight stitches to a wound above an eye after she was hit by a flying stiletto which missed her eye by millimetres. Pattinson, 25, and Hagan, 20, were both arrested in the early hours of Wednesday and questioned on suspicion of assault. Both have been released on bail pending further inquiries, and a€?removeda€™ from the hit show.
The entire cast and crew of Geordie Shore were in Floritaa€™s Bar, part of the House of Smith club in Newcastle-upon-Tyne when a row began. Hannah, of Hillsborough, near Belfast, is studying in Newcastle and works at various clubs with her twin sister Sophie.

Her dad William, said his daughter was left shocked and cut after the stiletto hit her face. The last series proved to be the most popular show on MTV with more than one million viewers in the UK. In a statement, MTV said yesterday: a€?Following an incident during filming that has led to a police enquiry into an alleged offence by a member of the cast, MTV and Lime Pictures have temporarily suspended filming of Geordie Shore series 7 pending further enquiries. Holly Hagana€™s spokesman later said: a€?We can confirm Holly was arrested in the early hours of Wednesday morning on suspicion of assault following an alleged incident during the filming of Geordie Shore. But it seems Natasha Hamilton's estranged husband Riad Erraji is finding the process of moving on easier than some, as he proved by cuddling up to Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison on a night out earlier this week.The pair were seen looking close during an evening out in Chester on Tuesday night, both looking pretty enamoured with the other. After a few hours of drinking, Riad was seen pulling Vicky in for what appeared to be a passionate kiss.He was then seen standing behind Vicky on the sofa, wrapping his arms around the pretty brunette as she held on to his arm tenderly. Celeb Boutique has the best selection of bodycon dresses and is always worth a look, or try Lipsy at Isme for a bargain.
But somehow over the last year we have just fallen out of love and, no A­matter how hard we try, we cana€™t get it back.'Riad is a great dad and hea€™s still the love of my life. My habit started young with My Super Sweet 16, Don’t Tell the Bride, and pretty much any other semi-reality format I could wrap my peepers around.
There’s always something that will make me cringe, or spill Earl Grey all over my lap because I’m screaming, ‘No, no, no, that’s…that’s a terrible message…please no’, as if the Kardashians can hear me. However, after some analysis and a lot of…erm…data, (we’re calling my TV-watching habit ‘collecting data’ now, officially), I have surmised that Geordie Shore is actually quite feminist.
All criticism seems to revolve around the cast being ‘bad role models’, as if they purport to be anything but 23-year-olds paid to get pissed.
Vicky moved away from the table to another part of the club, but then came back again and a row started again. The show has its own security for filming and they also got involved, everyone was trying to calm Vicky down. She is a very beautiful, she works as a model and is well known as you see her out in town with her twin sister. The injury she received from being hit with a stiletto heel was just millimetres from her eye.
This monochrome number has also been seen on TOWIE star Lauren Pope and it's sure to make the best of your figure, sculpting your body and accentuating your curves.
Trash TV is such the good pal of mine who sometimes behaves like a total asshole, and I hate watching it be sexist and do sexist things. This, after all, is a major struggle for feminism at the moment: the lack of representative and varied female bodies in the media.

It’s refreshing to hear a woman talk about her ‘fairy’ and her body hair (or lack thereof) like she doesn’t give a shit what anyone else thinks. You can tell this is subversive stuff because the show has been accused of being ‘pornographic’, mainly because of its night-vision sex cameras and the constant use of the word ‘cock’. It’s just conversations that men and women have been having with each other and themselves since pubs were invented. I enjoy the fact that the women (and of course, men) of Geordie Shore do what they want with their bodies and refuse to apologise for it. And since the real deal has proved so popular with the A list, the high street soon followed with their versions of bandage bodycon.
You might think that the parade of fake tan and hair extensions on Geordie Shore isn’t particularly honest, but the key thing to note is that we don’t just see the cast post-salon, coiffured and ready to go. And it’s particularly refreshing to see all their relationships and friendships unfold at the same time.
So it seems to me that when someone brands Geordie Shore ‘pornographic’, what they’re really saying is, ‘These men and women talk about sex a lot and then go out and have it, and I’ll be damned if I can get on board with that!’ Yeah, thanks dude. The content of the trash that I watch has got a lot more adult, and now involves endless ‘fucks’ and drug references, rather than just ‘THIS IS THE WRONG TIARA’ and some noisy crying.
We see them all lined up in front of a mirror, hair shooting off in a hundred directions waiting to be back-combed, and then we see them the next morning, bare-faced and wearing a massive t-shirt, talking about how wrecked they were last night. I don’t care how scripted it may be (as aforementioned, I love the trash), it’s still a darnsight more affectionate than watching the characters on Made in Chelsea tear each other verbally limb from limb. Now here they are vomiting on a beach as well.’ Within that untidy, drunken, lovely house, littered with false eyelashes, is a utopia of gender equality, where they all get pissed, piss themselves and have complete body autonomy.
And more often than not, unless you’re looking at some pretty niche amateur stuff, porn is aimed at straight men. Three cheers for the men and women of Geordie Shore: I bloody love you, you beautiful, horny lot. There’s a lot of exaggerated moaning, and very few genuine female orgasms, and there are a lot of women’s faces covered in cum.
They take just as long to get ready for one of their famous nights out in Newcastle, what with their weight-lifting, chest-shaving and deep-V-measuring.
There’s no illusion, no ridiculous expectations, and nothing that points at a lone, female viewer like myself and says: ‘You’re weird.

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