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Staying in shape is no easy feat for the college student.  A weekend of keg parties and late night Taco Bell runs can’t always be counteracted in the gym. In reality, many male college students admitted to an overwhelming pressure to meet a physical ideal and be attractive to the opposite sex. Building muscle is no easy feat, and when a healthy diet and daily weightlifting sessions fail to deliver results, some male co-eds turn to supplements. The treadmill and weight room can only do so much; eventually what goes into your mouth sneakily finds its way onto your midsection. Problems arise, however, when students resort to extreme measures to counteract a party lifestyle and unhealthy diet. It’s a common misconception that guys don’t worry about their appearance or suffer from any body hang-ups or insecurities.
Not everyone needs to achieve the washboard abs of Pauly D, but most guys admit to wanting a “built” or “muscular” appearance.

Most guys admitted to trying over a dozen supplements before discovering the perfect combination for their specific body type, schedule, and workout routine. Energy booster: An energy booster, usually a combination of caffeine, guraina, and ginsing, gives a guy the extra boost to power through a workout. The side effects for some supplements can include the jitters, breaking out with rashes, mood-swings, energy crashes, and dehydration. Multivitamin:  A regular multivitamin available at GNC is advised, but serious weight lifters recommend a more extreme vitamin that is specifically geared to increasing muscle mass and strength. We have all heard stories of women over exercising, restricting calories, and taking extreme measures to keep their weight down. Whey fills in the gaps of a regular diet and gives the body all essential amino acids necessary for building muscle. Popular brands, NO-Xplode and BSN Nitrix, contain nitric oxide and caffeine to relieve fatigue and deliver an energy boost.

Multiple students admitted to suffering from these side effects, but also mentioned that the benefit of the products far outweighed the risks. Popular products, like Animalpak, are geared to athletes and body builders and deliver all of the amino acids essential for protein growth. These supplements, more intense versions of energy products like Four Hour Energy or Red Bull, pose the risks of an elevated heart rate, jitters, and dehydration. Uncategorized Green Coffee Bean Extract Facts and Safety - Shape metformin weight loss how fast,gnc weight loss pills reviews.
The above reviews of GNC Total Lean Appetrex Control will kareena kapoor weight loss diet plan,gnc weight loss pills Her lawyers argued that the herbal weight loss supplement Xenadrine made her psychotic.

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