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Grapefruit, like all citrus fruits, is full of Vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals that can boost your immune system and keep you healthy.
Our guarantee is simple: You'll be absolutely delighted with every citrus fruit gift and gourmet food item you send or we'll either replace your gift, or your refund your purchase. Breakfast: 1 poached egg, 1 slice of ham, 1 cup of steamed spinach, 1 slice of whole meal toast. Lunch: vegetable soup made of celery, cabbage, onion, garlic and vegetable stock (any amount). Lunch: seafood omelette made of 2 eggs, 5 prawns, onions and a sprinkle of chilli pepper (use an oil sprayer to cook the omelette). The egg and grapefruit diet menu should be followed for 12 days and can help you to lose 5-10 pounds. Our original drug-free weight-loss product with thousands of satisfied customers nationwide, has now been improved with the addition of major quantities of grapefruit pectin and niacin (vitamin B3) to enhance cholesterol control in addition to the original weight-loss effect. Our Fat-Burner Diet Plan includes some very sensible suggestions regarding the types of food groups to eat daily for their synergistic metabolism within your own system, to speed your weight-loss in a safe and natural fashion. People need to remember that grapefruit contains lycopene, which is very protective to the prostate.
Most of the medications that interact with grapefruit do so only to a small or negligible extent. Reactions differ depending on the manufacturer's preparation of grapefruit juice and also on the health of your innards. By and large, most of the drugs on the market today do not interact with grapefruit in any dangerous way. Current US Dietary Guidelines recommend increased fiber in our diets and the National Institute of Health data shows that fiber itself can reduce incidences of cancer, heart disease, hypertension, obesity and diabetes.
The parts of the grapefruit which do the most to aid in both weight-loss and cholesterol reduction are found in the rinds and membranes surrounding the sections, the parts normally thrown away and not eaten.
We have found over the years that most people are more comfortable taking grapefruit pectin as a supplement, rather than eating the rather dry, tasetless and pulpy membranes of the grapefruit rind, as it is a more palatable and dependable way to get the valuable pectin your body needs.
With our The Fat Burner Diet Program, as in any type of diet plan, you should remember that moderation is always the best course. You should never undertake to consume fewer than seven calories each day per pound of your body weight in attempting to diet for weight-loss. During your initial weight-loss regimen try to keep your daily caloric intake between 800 and 1,200. Complex carbohydrates as found in whole grain breads and pastas, unrefined cereals and crackers, potatoes, brown rice and oatmeal, baked or boiled ( cooked ) dried beans of any type, as well as raw and unsalted nuts and seeds are excellent choices to provide the proper type of calories from carbohydrate, as well as to add fiber bulk to your daily diet. Avoid adding salt to your foods as this is an acquired taste which often does more harm than good. Dairy products should be limited to 0-1% fat content milk ( either plain or with acidophilous cultures ), plain lowfat yogurt as an alternative protein source, dry curd or lowfat ( 1% ) cottage cheese, or farmers cheese. Fat content of your diet should be limited to vegetable sources such as nuts, olive oil and fat-free dressings.
Fresh fruits are always preferred, but if canned, then unsweetened versions in all cases should be used.
Spinach, romaine lettuce, bok choy, cabbage, celery and green onions are also excellent vegetable choices for your Head Start ® Fat Burner Diet regimen, due to their favorable combination of fiber and essential calcium. Tossed salads, prepared with plenty of fresh vegetables are made even better with the use of fresh squeezed lime or lemon juice in the place of higher calorie dressings. Exercise is a key element in any weight-loss and cholesterol control regimen you undertake for the simple fact that exercise burns calories. Proper exercise will not only aid in your attainment of weight and cholesterol control, but can also contribute significantly to your general well-being, which is after all one of the main reasons for eliminating excess weight and cholesterol to begin with.
Recommended exercises for weight and cholesterol control are ones which are of the aerobic variety, that is: which are sustained over set periods of time each day at steady rates of pace and which cause increased circulation and respiration, without straining any individual body parts.
You should decide which types of exercise you wish to undertake and plan each day to devote an amount of time to this portion of your weight-loss regimen. Light, comfortable and loose-fitting clothing is best for the types of exercise we recommend since they will not restrict your movement and will allow your body's natural process of perspiration for waste removal to be aided most efficiently by a free flow of air for greatest effect. Losing a large amount of weight in a short period of time often results in a deprivation of essential nutrients to your body, coupled with a rapid rebound weight gain after you have gotten to your target weight. Our Head Start ® Fat Burner Diet Plan can be of invaluable assistance to you in attaining this overall goal, and does it safely, without the harmful side-effects and rapid weight rebound common to appetite suppressant drugs such as caffeine, lidocaine or phenylpropanolamine.
You should take one multivitamin tablet daily while you are on this or any low-calorie diet, to ensure proper nutrition and continued good health. Inhibition of Atherosclerosis by Dietary Pectin in Microswine With Sustained Hypercholesterolemia: James J. Abstract "Sustained hypercholesterolemia is a known risk factor for development of atherosclerosis. The Effects of Grapefruit Pectin on Patients at Risk for Coronary Heart Disease Without Altering Diet or Lifestyle: J.
Send along with the products, the name and address that you used when we sent the order to you, and your customer number if you have retained it. Please enclose a note explaining the reason for your dissatisfaction so we will know what we need to do to improve our future product performance. The information provided by us on our website and in our product literature is of a general nature only and is not meant to replace the advice of your doctor or pharmacist.
Get started by just adding one grapefruit per day to your diet and you'll be amazed at how much better you feel.

Choose from sweet Navel Oranges, big Ruby Red Grapefruit and Texas Grapefruit, to other seasonal fruit selections, such as Pears, Clementines, Tangelos and other gourmet fruit gift ideas. Drink plenty of water or other allowed liquids, approx 2 litres or 64 fl oz a day, that's approx. The weight loss will be due to losing water weight and muscle rather then fat and you are likely to put weight back on again once you come back to your usual menu. One of the best features of our diet plan is that it involves adding a totally natural supplement to your daily diet to help you get rid of unwanted pounds of fat. There are no drug side-effects from use of our Grapefruit Diet products, so you can adjust your daily intake according to the needs of your own individual metabolism.
But this grapefruit interaction story has been twisted and turned so many times that it is creating unjustifiable public fear. Preliminary research on limonoids shows that it can prevent and halt cancer under laboratory conditions. But this is also very rare and only happens with vinblastine, cyclosporine, Cozaar, Lanoxin (digoxin) and Allegra. Your body readjusts its settings to your medication, even if it interacts with grapefruit juice. Dr Cerda and his associates fed the artery-clogged swine a diet supplemented with either grapefruit pectin or cellulose as the placebo. All the pigs had been eating a very high-fat diet all along, and their cholesterol levels had soared. Dietary fiber comes from the cell walls of plants, such as grains, nuts, beans, vegetables and fruits, and includes cellulose, lignin, pectins and gums in its composition.
We use this beneficial grapefruit pectin and extract byproduct of grapefruit processing to give you the best part of the fruit in convenient tablet form.
Grapefruit also contains pectin, a soluble fiber that reduces the rate of entry of carbohydrates into your bloodstream, thereby lowering insulin secretion. In Japanese studies, grapefruit extract stopped tumor growth after it was injected under the skin of mice. Daily consumption of the recommended food groups in our Fat Burner Diet Plan at seven calories per pound per day will aid in your weight-loss gradually.
Once you have dieted down to your desired weight, you can maintain that weight by use of fewer of the meals than during the weight reduction phase. Avoid the simple sugars ( fructose, lactose, sucrose and dextrose ), as found in table sugar, honey and white flour products. For the most part, all the salt your body requires to maintain its proper isotonic balance is to be found naturally in your food, and pouring more on only serves to cause your body to retain fluids unnecessarily ( defeating your weight and cholesterol control efforts ), and can even contribute to high blood-pressure problems requiring medical control. Baked, steamed, poached, boiled or broiled fish, chicken and other poultry may be eaten freely - except for the skin with its fatty underlayer.
It is best to eat small quantities of a larger variety of these selections to get the broadest possible benefit rather than concentrating on just a few particular favorites. While the primary thrust of our Head Start ® Fat Burner Diet Plan is to help you limit your caloric intake by switching from foods containing greater calories by weight to those which contain less and which also require your body to burn more calories to fully utilize them, this caloric control regimen can be enhanced by exercise. Steadily increase the intensity and duration of the exercise each week at a rate with which you personally feel comfortable, and do not try to rush things, particularly if you have not been accustomed to an exercise program in the past.
Avoid sauna suits as they tend to interfere with the desired cleansing process, and can even have a harmful effect on your body’s temperature control mechanisms. Be sure to give yourself at least two to four weeks to begin to achieve maximum results from your Head Start ® Fat Burner Program. Starvation dieting through sheer willpower or aided by appetite suppressant drugs does nothing to train your appetite urges in the long-term toward the proper foods for lifelong weight control.
Whatever your ultimate goal, you should lose at the rate of no more than one to two pounds each week in its attainment.
Any time you diet for weight-loss, calorie restriction is involved and a good daily multivitamin supplement is necessary to replace lost nutrients. This can be adjusted as you go along according to personal factors associated with your own unique metabolism. The tired, listless feeling and overweight look will give way to the healthier, slimmer, happier more attractive style of a person who has successfully eliminated harmful, addictive junk foods from his or her diet in favor of the nutritional Head Start ® approach to safe, natural weight control. In animal studies, grapefruit pectin fed concurrently with a high-lipid diet inhibits hypercholesterolemia and atherogenesis.
The observed interaction between pectin and LDL appears to be of significant importance since LDL is the major biological carrier of cholesterol and the principal ingredient of atherosclerotic lesions found in diseased cardiovascular tissue".
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Please contact your physician, pharmacist or healthcare provider for advice regarding your specific health or medical needs. Unlike refined sugar, which the body can't break down very well, natural sucrose is broken down almost immediately and used for fuel in the body.
This diet is suitable if you need to slim, for an upcoming event, but to get a long lasting effect look for a life style changing balanced diet plan on our website. This without inclusion of any dangerous over-the-counter drugs such as phenylpropanolamine diet aids in capsules, often found in combination with other ingredients such as caffeine, which can leave you with a tired, letdown feeling, or with other adverse side-effects. With the GreatFruit® item, a small quantify of Niacin (vitamin B3) and the much higher level of grapefruit pectin both enhance cholesterol reduction, acting as a peripheral vasodilator in assisting the pectin. Speak to your doctor or pharmacist about switching medicine if you're really devoted to grapefruits.

Those include 2 cholesterol-lowering statins Mevacor and Zocor, the anti-anxiety drug Buspar (buspirone), the allergy drug Hismanal and the heart rhythm drug Cordarone (amiodarone.) These drugs definitely interact with grapefruit juice and should not be combined. The research included directly examining the insides of the pigs' aortas and arteries after they were slaughtered, which would be impossible to do with humans.
Looking at the pigs' aortas, the main vessel leaving the heart, Dr Cerda found one-third the blockage in those getting pectin as compared with the placebo group. The researchers concluded that grapefruit is a 'remarkable anti-mutagen', a substance that reverses cellular changes that lead to the division and growth of cancer cells. Just as overeating and the resultant overweight are not good for your long-term health, starving through nutrient restriction to the point of an anemic appearance for the sake of fashion or some preconceived notion of a socially acceptable weight for you can be dangerous, and is certainly foolish.
For a 115 pound individual, this would be 804 calories per day; for a 175 pound person it would be 1,225 daily. This will probably work out to use of about one-half to one-third of the number of meals you used during your weight-loss regimen. These do not require your body to burn stored energy ( fat ) to digest them as the complex carbohydrates do, but tend to go straight to fat themselves.
Avoid red meats such as beef and pork as the saturated fat content can destroy your efforts to eliminate weight and cholesterol. Virtually all other fresh fruits are allowed on your Head Start ® Fat Burner Diet Plan with raisins, bananas ( for their potassium content ), apricots, oranges and pineapples at the top of the list. If you experience lingering pain or bothersome soreness from your exercise efforts, you are trying to do too much, too soon. Walking, jogging, swimming, bicycle riding, and light weight-resistance are all very effective, and at the same time do not involve major investments in equipment or costly health club or spa memberships. The purpose of the present study was to determine if grapefruit pectin affects cholesterol levels and atherogenesis of animals with established hypercholesterolemia. We will refund the full price of your most recent order, postage and handling excluded, by credit to your card account or by business check if you made your purchase with a check or money order. We cannot dispense medical advice or serve as a substitute for any health care professional. If you want to eat healthy and prevent disease you should start eating grapefruit right away.
That prevents any major blood sugar spikes and it also prevents the unprocessed sugar from being stored in the body as fat simply because the body doesn't know what to do with it. Send citrus gifts for all occasions, from an anniversary, birthday or corporate gift idea, to even a wedding. Follow the food group selection guidelines in our Fat Burner Diet Plan Booklet and try to keep your calorie intake between 800 and 1,200 each day.
Soon, there will be tests in humans, but do we need data to tell us that fruits are good for us? In fact, because grapefruit tends to make most drugs work more potently, it may just be that you need a lower dosage of medication. If you do not already have one, it may help you to purchase a calorie counting guide to aid you in judging your daily caloric intake. In a daily calorie maintenance program, try to keep your caloric intake between 1,000 and 1,800 daily. These simple sugars provide only empty calories and can keep you from controlling your weight and cholesterol, even when consumed in the smallest amounts. If you plan a meal without one of the approved sources of protein, a good substitute is brewers yeast ( tablets or powder ) as a complete protein from amino-acids. Gradual increases in the intensity and duration of exercise will allow your body to adjust to the change in demands you've made upon it without the damage which results from over-enthusiasm.
No drugs or stimulants are used in our products, and we make no drug claim for any of the generalized nutritional or cosmetic benefits you may derive from use of our products. Cutting out all desserts made with refined sugar and switching to cooking with and eating grapefruit can help you fight off diabetes, especially if you're in a pre-diabetic stage right now.
Gradual loss of weight is healthier for you (one to two pounds a week is a safe and realistic goal to set) and in concert with the development of controlled eating habits will prove to be of greater long-term benefit to you. Moderately interacting drugs include sedatives such as Ambien and Valium, blood pressure meds like DynaCirc, Procardia (nifedipine) and Plendil. Most people find that they can control and maintain their desired weight with about ten daily calories per pound of their body weight.
Plasma cholesterol levels rose rapidly and for 360 days were sustained at levels 6 to 12 fold the normal level. Then, half the micro swine, selected at random, were fed a diet in which 3% grapefruit pectin was substituted for cellulose, and the remaining animals received the original diet. In animals with established hypercholesterolemia, pectin did not lower their cholesterol levels. However, pectin reduced the extent of atherosclerosis in both the aorta and coronary arteries. We conclude that pectin may have a direct beneficial effect on atherosclerosis by a mechanism independent of cholesterol levels".

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