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Sometimes, with all of the glam and gloss that goes into being the youngest member of the Kardashian family, it's nice seeing a 15-year-old just being a 15-year-old. NEW YORK, NY - MAY 31: Khloe Kardashian is seen in New York City on May 31, 2015 in New York City. Black pigments in the form of kohl were used  for centuries to darken lashes, eyelids, and eyebrows. After seeing Russian dancers [ The Ballet Russes 1911 ] employ heavier eye make-up on the stage, Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein were inspired to introduce bold eye makeup for their richer clients. This concoction was used by slicing off a piece and melting it over a flame, then dipping and orange stick in the hot wax and applying it in upward motions on to the lashes.
Many other advances followed the introduction of the MascaraMatic ushering the development of the current mascara wand. Researchers have developed bold vivid pigments evolving into a myriad of colors im mascara since the 1980’s. Which is why we appreciated this fresh-faced photo that Kylie Jenner posted on her Twitter page Wednesday night.
Helena Rubinstein wrote in her biography, ” I experimented privately and learned many valuable lessons from stage personalities, which in turn I taught to a few of my more daring clients. His formula, specifically developed for Hollywood actress Clara Bow, was a waxy substance that came wrapped in a thin foil roll which resembled a thick crayon.
The wax thickened the lashes, but made the hair stick together under the hot studio lights.
Greta Garbo’s pale blond lashes and eyebrows were defined with applications of mascara and eye pencils. The container resembled a long pen with a grooved metal tip at the end that held the product for application. The use of mascara to lengthen the lashes was a way for the important eyes to take center stage in camera close-ups.
The patent that most resembled the modern mascara bottle was granted to Frank L Engel Jr in 1939 for his shoe blackening bottle mechanism.
With its distinctive green and pink bottle, it is still the number-one selling mascara in the marketplace. New fantasy false lashes, with feathers and crystals, were made popular by celebrities like Madonna. Historical eras and time periods can be identified by observing the specific colors, trends, and styles used to decorate the eye. These minerals were ground up with a stone slab and kept in shells or small alabaster containers, Kohl was mixed oil or fat and applied with a shaped stick. Gel eyeliners and cream-based shadows that did not smear provided an alternative to the pencil and liquid version.

She’s famed around the world for her talent, her relatable songs which are based on her own experiences, and her beauty. Lampblack was an inexpensive eye paint concocted by burning a candle and collecting the black soot left from the flame. The Eyebrow Pencil of the 1920s rose to popularity after it was improved with a new formula consisting of hydrogenated cottonseed oil. Maybelline’s cake mascara was hugely popular and was available in five and dime stores by the end of the 1920s. I sectioned my hair into four parts, two at the front (starting right above my ears) and two at the back. Day in and day out she seems to sport flawless skin, perfect eye makeup, and perhaps the most beautiful, blonde curls going.
In 1909 a performance of the London Ballet Russes featured the use of heavy eye shadows and mascara, and spurred a brisk sale of these products. This new ingredient made the texture and its application softer and also prevented the spread of bacteria. 1910 saw a shift from home production of cosmetics to commercially manufactured production. Starting with the back sections, I covered all the roots in hair dye and then left it to develop for 5 minutes.4.
A woman like all the rest of us, that’s for sure, but is she a natural beauty or is it her professional makeup artists that help her look the part of a worldwide celebrity? The upper classes favored kohl on the eyes and eye shadow colors were coordinated to match clothing.
A Sporting BeautyThe young star was photographed in a field wearing casual clothing with her loose hair flowing freely.
A Casual StrollHere Taylor was photographed in a gorgeous red duffle jacket with her statement hair flowing freely as she walked down a street. With her earbuds in and her casual look she looks like she doesn’t have a care in the world.
I’ll admit, if I looked that good without makeup I doubt I’d have too many cares either!
Instagram SelfieWhen she’s not working or strolling down the Red Carpet, Taylor enjoys the simple life. She’s not one for partying hard or drinking and smoking, something which likely enhances her beautiful skin.
Instead, she loves just hanging out in her home with her cat Meredith who she regularly posts pictures of on Instagram.
A Casual StrollHere Taylor was snapped wearing a wonderfully stylish jacket with her hair loose and with a bag slung over her shoulder.

Once again, she’s facing her days off with a bare face yet still she looks as wonderful as ever. A Young TaylorDid you ever wonder what Taylor Swift looked like before she became a global superstar?
A Direct ComparisonI thought you might enjoy a direct comparison of Taylor with and without makeup.
While she looks absolutely stunning in the picture on the right as she prepares to stroll down the Red Carpet, I think I prefer the picture on the left. Even without makeup here eyes still pop, perhaps more so if you ask me, and her skin still glows. DaydreamingHere Taylor stares into space, looking as though she’s likely daydreaming.
Once again she’s dared to bare and shows us just how beautiful she is even without makeup. For once she has her hair tied back too, something which helps to reveal even more of her pretty face to us.9.
Taylor swift was a more than willing participant and graced the pages of the magazine wearing merely a plain, white sundress to enhance her natural look whir showing off her enviable figure. She wore her hair loose and once again she showed us just how much of a beauty she truly is.10.
Simple and SweetHere Taylor was photographed wearing a simple red and white striped top and maroon jeans while carrying her guitar case. She has her hair braided into a simple, everyday braid which sweeps it off her face, once again revealing her beauty. Signing AutographsTaylor has always been kind to her adoring fans and here she’s stopped to sign a few autographs despite her lack of makeup and glamour. Dressed in a grey t-shirt and with her hair thrown into a messy plait, she still looks absolutely stunning. An Up and Coming StarHere’s another picture of young Taylor in the days before she was a worldwide sensation. Her thick mope of wavy hair is absolutely enviable and her smile seems to light up her look.
A Causal Day OffHere Taylor was seen wearing a wonderfully stylish polkadot jumper and an oversized coat while wearing hardly any makeup at all.

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